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I have currently:

MSI 880GMA-E45
Corsair CX400 [1x PCIe 6pin]
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I currently have a 17" square monitor(1280x1024) & I was planning to upgrade it (in 18 months or so) to a Samsung B2230W (22").
So I need a card to last for at least 3-4 Years in the Range 4-5k.

Gaming: Medium
Others: Photoshop

So I was hoping for a good gpu (Nvidia/Ati) with a manufacturer that wont give up on RMA (read: ASUS).

P.S. My on-board 4250 could only play till medium on Starcraft II with a few lags.


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Sapphire HD5670 512MB...
Thought so. Just wondered how it might perform on my current (1024p) & my after (1080p) resolutions. Sorcy says ATI lags on low resolutions.

So, MSI or Sapphire 5670 512mb? (Yeah we all know that extra 512mb is far from VFM).

SMC lists Sapphire HD 5670 -512 MB as Rs. 5,060/-, overpriced?
MSI 5670 1 GB is available for just 700/- extra. (Still not VFM for the 128-bit bus)
Dunno about MSI 5670 [512mb] being in stock.

Any bad temperatures I should be cautious about?

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5670 will perform great at low res, but forget full HD..for that atleast 5770. GTS450 will play at full HD at low settings.


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@nbaztec, HD5670 performers good only @ HD resolution. that also for current titles. so 3 options are there:

1. buy HD5670 now & get 20" monitor later.
2. get HD5670 now, sell it and get a faster card when you get the 22".
3. postpone the buy. get a fast card + a 22" bundle samtime.


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you mean to say sam 5670 is a good full HD performer
By full HD you mean games or Blue-ray movies?

get HD5670 now, sell it and get a faster card when you get the 22".
5670 will struggle on 1080p?

Say I run games at < 1080p, maybe 1040p, then? Will it still *cough* suck?

Edit: Seriously I think I'm gonna buy the monitor only after a year or 2. Just spent 25k on a new CPU, now my speakers are faulty so will buy a T3130 & probably a 500GB SATA. Hence 7.9k+7.5k
for a 22" Monitor + HD5770 is highly improbable before 2 years. (That's around 15k). Hence was thinking about 5670.
Currently I have only 5k as my gpu budget.

I feel like its overpriced.I think u might it get for 4.8k at theitwares.Also look at,lynx-india n mediahome..
India really needs something like MSI 5670 [512mb] is for $86(incl. Shipping) That's roughly 3.8k!!!
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Call me paranoid but I've always played (high-end)games on 1-step down from my max. And that's starting from my 800x600 (640x480) to my 1280x1024 (1024x768). Thanks for clearing that out.


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You meant to say, all this while you were referring to maxed out settings?
God no, I'm not that a hard core gamer. At times I can just do away with low shadows. However I'm a texture fanatic.
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