1. GamerSlayer

    Preparing for BITSAT

    It's official! IIT is totally out of my reach but I'm pretty sure I'm capable of BITS. While I'm still going for JEE coaching, I need to prepare for BITSAT simultaneously. I am paying enough attention to JEE coaching such that it helps me for my Mains (hopefully) and also to prepare my mind a...
  2. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Good idea to go JEE coaching in 12 CBSE?

    I have my 11th finals from 2nd Feb and after great fees of the univ. in the states i've now chosen my path to India only. Now i think I must end my resistance for not going to coaching for JEE. Everybody tell me to go to coaching. But as i have not been going even tutions since 1st class Im...
  3. M

    JEE Main Ranks Incorrect

    Source : * Thanks to : KDroid this shows how biased the JEE Main ranks are : how can this happen? :shock: I have checked their results from cbse website. the info is correct. please redirect me to...
  4. rohitshubham

    Post your jee mains rank

    hey guys... jee mains rank has just been declared. I have roughly 50k rank :P . it would be nice if you would post your jee main rank coz there would be unnecessary thread openings. some member who are already familiar with the counselling procedure(including myself) as well as reviews of...
  5. Nerevarine

    JEE Advanced

    Good luck to everyone going for JEE advanced tomorrow..
  6. M

    Sample papers for JEE Main Paper 2 for B.Arch

    I have applied for JEE main paper 1and 2. please link me to some sites which have the previous years aieee b arch papers. i think the pattern for the jee main 2013 paper 2 will be same ?? if not , upload any papers you guys have. please. even one paper will do the work.. i have...
  7. M

    JEE main confirmation page print problems

    i have applied for jee main 2013 and also paid the fees. when i tried to print the confirmation page in a4 size paper (as was stated in the instructions) , the page gets cut and also splits into two pages. what am i supposed to do ? please help..
  8. S

    looking for iit jee coaching institute

    Hi, Is there any coahcing for IIT JEE in NOida? I am located in NOida and study in a public school here. There are no good coaching institutes in my area. Please help me.
  9. A

    JEE 2011 Results

    Best of Luck to all for JEE 2011 Results, which will be anounced tomorrow, 25th May. Also post your ranks here.
  10. anurag100

    If someone knows about this here???

    I'm a student of diploma in computer engineering aka polytechnic now starting off for 3rd year .....I am interested in giving JEE but not sure if poly students are allowed to give it or not ..please tell me if somebody knows
  11. Ray

    JEE query

    i am in class xi (icse) and have taken bio.i want to know if physics and chemistry syllabus of iit jee will cover physics and chemistry syllabus of medical jee(aiims and state jee).what books do i need to study for medical jee(specially bio).
  12. techking_dinesh

    What after +2 now :(

    Hello, I m from Maharashtra state board SSC % = 85% HSC% = 76% Field of Interest : IT / Computer Science Being from mah state board competitve exams like jee , aieee were no cake for me, I did not appear for jee AIEEE i just managed a positive score and while i was shocked to see my...
  13. W

    IIT JEE Books

    Can anyone please give me the list of books which i should read for competing IIT JEE? With Regards Jatin Jha
  14. W

    IIT JEE papers

    Can anyone tell me the link download papers of IIT JEE 2001-2009 as soon as possible ? With Regards Jatin
  15. shady_inc

    Any IITians here??

    Anyone here preparing for IIT,or already attempted te JEE??
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