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Good cabinet within Rs.3000

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Hi friends,

My 3 1/2 year old cabinet is showing signs of retirement :( and also not able to ventilate the system properly. So some of the components are getting heated up. So I thought I would buy a good cabinet with at least 2-3 cooling fans (maybe 80mm or 120mm). The cooling fans part is important. So what do you recommend? My budget is around Rs.3000, maybe stretched to Rs.3500 and NOT MORE.

I have shortlisted some although I have no idea about the price. They are Antec SLK 1650B, SLK 3000B and VIP G300. Can you the prices of these? Or any other recommendations?

Please help.



The Frozen Nova
I second iball workhorse. Full metalic body, good ventilation costs 2k. So u have additinal 1k to add extra ventilation/moding... whatever u prefer.


Cyborg Agent
Since u have money remaining...mod the case...add loads of lightings!!..
And add xtra cooling fans..


Wise Old Owl
Consider Zebronics Antibiotic cab. It can be bought around 2.2knd has tons of features.
3 LED fans bundled.
LCD temp display on front.
Transparent side panel.
Good cooling architecture.
Good build Quality.
A blowhole at the top.(the fan starts only when its opened)
400w PSU bundled.
Good case for other moddings nd lightings.


The Hardware Labs
stretch ur budget to 3.5k and buy the Zebronics Jamaica ..ull never regret it ... its same as VIP ZB-01 with front usb n firewire .. very very huge cabby with excellent ventilation n space.

its basically a server cabby but many people including me use it for our desktops.


But still iBall Workhorse fits everybodys bill and is also easily available. Zebronics Cabinets are no doubt good but their availability and just a few led fans don't make them worth considering.



The Hardware Labs
zebronics cabinets are available all over india ..and u can also buy directly from zebronics if they are not available at ur place ..and jamaica does not have any led fans ..its a plain looking sturdy n roomy cabby. check it out..
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