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  1. RageshAntony

    Please suggest me ups below Rs.3000 ..

    I am buying UPS for my old pc. my config is DG41RQ motherboard intel quad core Q8400 2 x 2GB DDR2 RAMs 500 GB 7200 RPM HDD Nvidia 730 GDDR5 GPU my ups is malfuctioning and I am going to change it. Please suggest me a good ups. My priorities are :: 1.should not restart on...
  2. kool

    BSNL bill of Rs.3000 :( for PLAN change [BBG 1445 ULD COMBO]

    Hi guys, I migrated from BB FN COMBO 500 (NU) to BB COMBO ULD 1445 on 23 June 2014. Today i got my bill for JUNE and its Rs.3000 :| From last 3 years i was getting bill Rs.1000-1200 for "FN combo 500" but why they have charged so high for migration ?? :|:| In JUNE bill, it showing BBG CNT COMBO...
  3. R

    External Hard disk in Rs.3000/-

    To all Digitians, I want to buy a new External Hard Disk to store game setups and movies. Is 500GB will suffice my need? Any product from any brand under Rs.3000/. I can extend my budget only Rs.500 more. Please try USB 3.0 with it.
  4. P

    Budget phone under Rs.3000

    I preferably want to buy a budget phone for my mom.Only thing she demanded it should have a decent camera.My sister once had a Samsung Metro 3310 which have a good camera compared to other budget mobiles I have seen.That model is out of market now since it is very old..No dual sim,no qwerty,no...
  5. A

    For Gaming : Mouse and mouse pad

    I need a good mouse and mouse pad for gaming. The mouse should have a laser sensor and should be feature-rich and should give good performance. Budget is Rs.3000. I've decided on the Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse at Rs.3000. It's good? The mouse pad should be preferably for mouse control and should...
  6. A

    Which gaming mouse?

    Which is the best gaming mouse for a budget of Rs.3000? Is the Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse for Rs.3000 good enough for the price?
  7. morpheusv6

    19 inch LCD and 17 inch LCD

    I am planning to upgrade my CRT to an LCD. The price differnce between 17 inch and 19inch(same performance) in Rs.3000. Which one should I go for? Also what are the resolutions supported on both?
  8. kool

    Basic cellphone upto Rs.3000 with large phonebook... help..

    Dear friends, I want to buy mobile with basic features only, upto Rs.3000. I want this cell for my dad, he use only for calling/receiving, so it doesn't matter that its B/W or COLOR!! My dad is not interested in FM, downloadable tones, wallpapers, sms blah-blah!! Just a simple phone with these...
  9. abhijit_reddevil

    Good cabinet within Rs.3000

    Hi friends, My 3 1/2 year old cabinet is showing signs of retirement :( and also not able to ventilate the system properly. So some of the components are getting heated up. So I thought I would buy a good cabinet with at least 2-3 cooling fans (maybe 80mm or 120mm). The cooling fans part is...
  10. V

    Display Card under 3k

    which display card ( 128 MB AGP ) should I buy ...... my budget is Rs.3000
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