Going for nokia N900 from ebay


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Hey guys I'm looking to buy N900 from ebay from this link :


I know that eBay is trust worthy but I'm concerned about legitness of dealer, should I go on with the deal?


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The seller looks fine as the feedback and rep. goes.

Only one negative feedback but looks like that was not the fault of seller, which has been cleared by the buyer later.


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but it wont' have any warranty right? in that case, I think 16.5k is a bit high given that the phone can be purchased in India for some 20k.

PS: I wouldn't trust Seller warranty.


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I agree with comp@addict.

Unless you are a Linux junkie who would love to have terminal & Easy Debian all the time, there is no point buying this beast. It is more than a phone, Nokia calls it handheld computer. IMHO don't buy it just because you getting a good deal or you think that OS is exotic.


Its got a resistive touchscreen and outdated h/w. Its a good phone for a linux junkie. The deal looks safe. Go for it if u have to get it


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I want that linux beast that's for sure just need to know if that deal is worth doing

no da. just up the budget and get one from Nokia where you get proper warranty and you can extend warranty by paying very decent amount ( some 500-750 bucks I think)
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