Gniit Or A Degree ?

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Hi ,

I Want To Be A Software Engineer . I Was Having Look Around For That . So Got Gniit Or A College Degree . Gniit = Degree , How Is It Comparing To A Degree . Gniit Is Also Degree Course And Not A Certificate Course .

So Is This Worth Doing ?

Does Gniit Has The Value Of Degree . ?

What Is Response Of Company's Against Gniitians.


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my dear friend,still companies seek a degree holder irrespective of his/her knowledge.go for a degree course.


i kno an engg-dropout, GNIIT-(un)trained workin as a data-entry operator
[now in a call center]

wat ever u wan2 do in India u gotta have a College Degree

do GNIIT [if u want]
but at least geat a degree
B.A (English) wud also do [but do it from a decent uni]
[den ud b a milton-spoutin coder:D]


Naturally its gotta be a degree man, GNIIT is very costly anyway. You study hard get in a good college in BE/BTech.


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what about so called(no offense) Amity university or apple university??do their degrees actually valid :?
btwn i know many with degree but knows nothing but scrathc!ng :)) while many polytechnic/diploma or experienced are way better!


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clmlbx said:
GNIIT Is A Degree Course ( Source = Niit Centre )

Degree will be given by registered universities. Please correct me if I am wrong. :) , I dont think NIIT is a registered university.
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