Give me the guidelines for doing projects

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Hi all,
I am just a New user for Linux . I am very much interested using Linux and i planned to do some projects . I don't have any previous experience in doing projects (Not even in any OS). I am interested to do projects using C and C++ language in linux. so please give the guidelines that what are the thinks i need to do and tell me some sites which is useful for help me .



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look buddy windows , linux solaris these r operating systems .....its OK u have choose linux but u can choose windows also....its very good to write LINUX in ur CV but all u should look what project u r doing .....I think u should emphasize on Syetm calls sharing memory beteen proceeses pipelinging context swithching all these......u have to write the connectins as well as ur business logic .

anyway ask some others also.I have worked in C 2 yrs ago. In these days I dont do much coding .


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Please give me detail guidelines

Thanks a lot Mr.Reddragon for ur reply.

I am supposed to do research oriented project .

Can u please say me the details that what are all things that i have to do for project selection?

As i already told that i am interest doing the project using C and C++ languages.

Now i changed to do for any platform(Windows/Linux) .I am having some 10 months time to do that .

So tell me What are all the things i should learn and how to use internet efficiently for that ?.

Am also interested to do projects using "System calls" but i am infant on that area. Please tell me some books and sites to learn that from basic level .

Which is having more value ?

Once again i thank u very much for your guidelines :D
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