1. S

    Guidelines to keep in mind when shifting from wireline to wireless broadband

    Till now, while in Lko, I have been using BSNL BB Home Combo ULD 750. I shifting to Delhi in July for my studies where I will opt for wireless broadband. My monthly budget will be Rs 900. What optimal mix of guidelines should one keep in mind while choosing from various options available?
  2. Cilus

    Overclocking Non BE AMD processors

    I think we need to have some thread for overclocking the Non BE processors For example Athlon II X4 and Phenom II 925 and 945. Please provide your valuable guidelines and suggestion for it.
  3. invisiblebond

    Expect 3G services and some mischief

    Expect 3G services and some mischief :p
  4. S

    Mobile Number poratability to start in 2 months

    "Mobile users unhappy with their current service providers will soon have the option of switching operators without changing numbers, thanks to the government announcing guidelines for the same. " it seems there will be a separate service provider for mobile number portability. this will be...

    Govt releases 3G services rules and guidelines

    Rest of the news...
  6. NewsBytes

    Govt to roll out 3G guidelines in June 2008

    The much awaited 3G guidelines will be released by the month of June 2008 to lay out the UPA government vision to enhance mobile phone standards for 100 percent tele-density and extension of broadband facilities The much awaited 3G guidelines will finally see the light of the day as the...
  7. M

    Give me the guidelines for doing projects

    Hi all, I am just a New user for Linux . I am very much interested using Linux and i planned to do some projects . I don't have any previous experience in doing projects (Not even in any OS). I am interested to do projects using C and C++ language in linux. so please give the guidelines that...
  8. R

    Need suggestions to buy usb pen drive

    Need to buy a usb pen drive (256mb or 512 mb) is there any specific company that i need to look for..and also some guidelines on the prices could be helpful????
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