Get free KIS 2009 6 month license

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:shock: BUt I thought you didn't use an antivirus :roll:
yes, I am not using antivirus on my home PC, because of its low configuration. I was using KIS when I was in college, and bought a KIS 3 user license with my friends. I will use that license when I buy new PC or upgrade my home PC.


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3 KIS user licence is available in bangalore for a as low as Rs. 500. Each license costs about Rs.167/- and can be shared among friends if needed, which is very low and pocket friendly.

OMG .....the licence is so cheap? ...:shock::shock::shock::shock:


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Well I got one from mumbai last week for Rs. 500 (3 user...). Although I got KIS 2008, because 2009 was not available!!! But i am using the KIS 2008 key for my KIS 2009 (which i downloaded from net earlier!!!) and i got it working for one year.. dont know how!!! :confused: :D


^^Kaspersky allows you to use your existing key on updated versions of it antivirus(till your license is valid). That's why it's working.


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I had checked it as well and Yes, the Key Provided was not pirated, but it had only a limited number of activations allowed.

The 3 PC License thing is sweet..... Gives me the satisfaction of having atleast 1 app on my PC, which is not Pirateware/freeware.. ;-)
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