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Get Flash Drive Reminder When Shutting Down Computer

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Get Flash Drive Reminder When Shutting Down Computer

It has happened a lot of times when I had left my pen drive plugged into computer in computer labs and cyber cafe. Then I had to rush again to get it back. So, here is a solution to it. Today, I came across a software called Flash Drive Reminder that adds an entry to the AutoPlay dialog that pops up when you insert a flash drive into a computer.

Have a look :

This program in 2 versions :

Standard Version

The Standard version pops up a small window when Reminder starts. This window serves as a reminder that the flash drive is still in the computer. The Standard version also includes the following options:

* Start minimized - minimize the reminder window to the Taskbar
* Open an Explorer window on startup - display flash drive’s files on when Reminder starts

Quiet version

The Quiet version has no options and does not pop up a window when you insert your flash drive. All it does is pop up a reminder to remove the drive when you log off or shut down the computer.

Download Instructions : [URL="http://www.bgreco.net/reminder.php"]Click here[/URL]

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my 3 pendrives get stolen in cybercafes , wth even those are 1 GB ones what would do anything with them
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