1. A

    Best Birthday Reminder App

    Hi guys Can anyone suggest a good birthday reminder app. I don't use facebook and I want to manually add my friends birthday. Paid/Free any will do.
  2. A

    App for setting pop up type reminder on office pc

    looking for an App for setting pop up type reminder on office pc-the pc is not connected to the internet.the pc has window xp
  3. A

    audio reminder for tasks

    im using a win 8 lappy-where in the net can i download free software to have a loud audio reminder which reminds me of particular work on a particular date,i have google keep which is boring
  4. C

    Amd 8120 vs i5 2400

    SO MY question is up sorry if my replies r slow as i m a newbie and my posts first need to be approved. so pls continue on discussion or if it is already there send me a link my concern is if 8120 is better than 2400 as i m budget tight. is it really worth or a better choice ?.heating...
  5. qfunk

    Looking for an online sync Reminder soft..

    Hi! I'm looking for an online reminder software, something that I can sync my reminders from home and work... either vista gadget or a google software, or some other software (freeware or open source) Thanks. -Qfunk. ---------- Post added at 05:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:12 PM...
  6. TheHumanBot

    Get Flash Drive Reminder When Shutting Down Computer

    Get Flash Drive Reminder When Shutting Down Computer It has happened a lot of times when I had left my pen drive plugged into computer in computer labs and cyber cafe. Then I had to rush again to get it back. So, here is a solution to it. Today, I came across a software called Flash Drive...
  7. A

    No reminder in Samsung Guru 100i

    I recently purchased Samsung Guru 100i, i am suprised to see that it doesnt contain reminder option for a particular date. It just has 3-4 weekly alarms.
  8. ring_wraith

    SE reminders.

    Hey. I have a SE w810i. I need to keep reminders but the reminder just plays a breif sound and shuts up. I would really like it to work like an alarm clock that displays a message or in other words like a nokia phone's reminder. Can I do this? Also, how can i change the alert?
  9. raksrules

    Java Reminder Application ??

    Can anyone suggest me any Java Based Reminder application that i can install on my Sony Ericsson w800i ???
  10. rajat22

    Trialware reminder

    Running Windows XP SP2 updated version. Installed trial version of Regcure & it expired. After uninstalling I am being reminded at every startup to go for a full version. Threre is no startup item and all remains of the software traces were removed from the registry. Still the reminder is...
  11. V

    Is It possible with PHP ?

    Hi all,, now i've to make 1 website whch sends mail as scheduled jobs like the birthday reminder websites do.. so pls help me if u've ne idea thanks
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