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gaming mice under 4k..


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Hey, Friends first of all happy holi to all of you..
i play various games like bf4,cod,cs,etc fps and some others also.
Thus i want to buy a good gaming mouse under 4k possible.
After surfing net for a while
1. Razer deathadder 2013 version looks pretty nice. at 3.2k
2. Logitech g300 and g400s are also good at 1.7k and 2k
I am very confused to what to opt for..
It should have good reliability,and good serviceability.
Also i live in a remote area so buying online is the only option.
Please help me..
thanks in advance


G400s is the best you can get for FPS gaming at your budget.
If you want a larger mouse, go for the DA.
Else, stick to G400s. Legendary mouse.


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Hey friends bought a razer deathadder 2013 version and it is awesome ..it has a perfect palm grip..
My friend has a g400s i liked the extra buttons but not the ergonomics..so bought a DA..
Thanks friends...


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for god's sake close the thread.

click on report icon and ask to close thread.

enough of necrobumps.
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