Game CD Shop in Mmbai

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Try Crossword outlets. There is a store called Rainbow at Gamdevi, a short distance from Lamington Road. It's opposite the Gamdevi Police Station. I believe Planet M outlets stock games too. And there's also Heera Panna :D


Heera Panna, Haji Ali has a shop which only sells original Game CDs, joysticks, etc.

There is also a shop opposite (almost) Gamdevi Police Station. They seel original game CDs.

Gamdevi is the road between Nana Chowk and Chowpatty. If you come to Grant Road Station (W) and ask anyone about Nana Chowk or Gamdevi, you will pretty easily find it.


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Any planet m outlet.
they usually get the newer games fastest. for older games walk into alpha (parle) or crossword outlets as the revised price packs somehow never find their way into planet m.


Planet M outlset won't offer you any discounts. They will sell only at MRP. Other people might offer you some discount.


there was a shop earlier in santacruz, Bombay where they used to have membership charges and renting charges for all types of CD's , DVD's and Hindi / English movies, Software n Games , like a book library. I cant find this shop anymore, ANY OF U GUYS KNOW ABOUT IT ?


damn lamington has 2-3 shops......dont know the name...but jus mov ard they r on main road..and hav big posters of games on there shop..last i saw was brian lara cricket one......
heera panna also has 1-2 shops.....
and any planet m outlet will also hav one......
also try big malls ard in the city


Crossword is at a few places in Mumbai. I think the biggest of them is at Camps Corner. You can get down at Grant Road and cab it up or there are a few buses available. If you come by bus from Wester Suburbs then 83, 84, 86, 93, etc. come quite near it. If you drive down upto there, they also offer valet parking ;)


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Hi guys i am planning to buy maxpayne .I know its really cheap now i think about 550 bucks in planetm but does it have replay value i know there is no multiplayer mode.Is UT 2004 better choice.I donot have broadband so can i enjoy m player on dial up? 8)
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