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Future of Nokia..???


bloody hell mate!!!!
Nokia has dominated Indian markets for quite a while with its superb handsets and excellent customer service. But in past few years think have changed a lot.!!. with rivals like Samsung HTC Blackberry etc bringing snazzy new products and innovative marketing, it seems that the golden era of nokia is over!! its new range of Windows mobile phones (it has tied up with Microsoft for using their operating system) might take some months to get to the market. Till then Nokia has to depend on its Symbian operating system which they will slowly withdraw from supporting and is no way near Android OS...

So what is the future of Nokia..it looks a bit shady!! ( i still like nokia:-D:-D)

feel free to share your opinions:smile:


Cyborg Agent
Well, I have used so many phones that I don't exactly remember all of them, what I found that generally Nokia is the one with best build quality, while other brands were quick in giving you new tech and features and nokia was the laziest but I feel whatever they give, they give only after testing thoroughly and at their best.. however, exceptions are their but generally they have good build quality, other brand I find rugged was motorola but you see Moto is struggling these days.. hopefully by acquisition from google, we will see Moto reviving . ..

So, all I can say that Nokia may be suffering but it is still going to be prominent brand in India for some good time.


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
I do not think Nokia can ever catch Apple, Google and Microsoft in terms of revenue and handsets sold.
Time always changes and it was time which helped Nokia overthrow Motorola earlier as mobile communication pioneer. But then they forgot to change themselves with time (innovate).

We are slowly moving towards cloud computing and to an era when we will have access to all the data on the move. I know that Apple and Android based phones gain popularity mainly because of full touch screen phones but that was a begining. These mobiles or smartphones as they are generally referred to act as an alternate to your PC on the move. So a bigger screen and portability was a big advantage.

Nokia failed to realize it, even years after launch of first iPhone. Plus, whatever market left, it was swept away small/new players who offered cheaper mobiles.


as Time Changes Companies needs to change themselves otherWise they are thrown away & are doomed.

same fate happened to SEGA, ATARI, FORD, etc.

& if Nokia doesnt change iTSelf it will be thrown away by its competitors.

i Dont know about others, but i personally feel that move of Nokia to Microsoft is the worst move made by Nokia in whole its lifetime.
Rather then this,
They could continue with MeeGo, as it promises to be a GooD OS or completely adopt ANDROID, which is very GooD OS & better then WP7 & would have been very good for nokia & could bring them back in Business.

But as Stephen Elop {CEO of Nokia} was previously an employee of Microsoft, so its natural for Nokia to go to Microsoft

When Nokia invented S60, it wasnt perfect from the day one, it had many BuGs/errors which nokia dint resolve.
iT gave all the features in their fone but dint touch perfection,
On the other side APPLE/GOOGLE, gave features in iteration but each & every feature was almost BuG/Error free.
So this gave an upper hand to APPLE/GOOGLE over Nokia in long Run


bloody hell mate!!!!
the main reason for Nokia downfall is that they are still sticking with Symbian OS. In today's world of ANDROID and IOS, Symbian has lost its edge!...no doubt its days are numbered!!!


not a newbie.....
I don't think so. Nokia's hardware along with Microsoft's OS might just be a killer combo. Windows Phone doesn't seem so bad. Its still a work in progress and from what I have seen in the videos so far it looks beautiful.(Though beauty is only skin deep right now but Microsoft is improving it.)
I dont think nokia can get the high end budget bracket [20k-30k] back in any time soon.

They can still compete in the 'below 10k' price range as people love the good old nokia interfeace. And the build quality is still good. Nokia users always stick to nokia to get that interface.
They dont wanna bother about phones with more technologies , they are ready to stick to nokia UI.

It is nice to see Nokia coming with DUAL sim phones as is a good and safe area to play.

I also wonder why nokia never thought about making android phones (May be they dont wanna get sued by Apple again). Windows based phones have less users AFAIK . And it is difficult to make the whole world to shift to windows platform just to use nokia phones.

N8,N9,X7 phones have killer specs but people hesitates to buy them only cauz the Android's and iOS's existance.

If nokia want to stay in the game, they have to make Android phones. They first need to conquer the 10-15k price range.

Dnt think that i'm a Nokia fanboy (I'm a SE fan), actually i dont like nokia phones, but they were a good competitor.


the only good thing nokia is good for is selling gold plated phones.
seriously. the best nokia can come up right now is a phone made of gold and covered with precious stones.

it makes me wanna lol

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Idk, but WP7+nokia may have a tech edge if microsoft can bring silverlight, .net and directX sdks to the upcoming WP OS and has a very slick UI without compromising on features (IOS is a crippled interface).


Then also man, i dont Think Windows Phone can even try to give competition to ANDROID.
'coz whenever Windows try to give updates to enhance its features, ANDROID will be updated to more greater version of iT.

MoreOver ANDROID is an OpenSource so u can do all the modding & all those stuffs.


Idk, but WP7+nokia may have a tech edge if microsoft can bring silverlight, .net and directX sdks to the upcoming WP OS and has a very slick UI without compromising on features (IOS is a crippled interface).

didnt microshaft kick its silverlight/.net devs in the b@lls recently over the win8 "tiles" interface fiasco?


BMG ftw!!
More competition means more improvement for products. If they can't keep up with the speed, then they are gone. Their era is over.
At this particular moment, it looks just like this. Hopefully future will be brighter for them.
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