1. panacea_amc

    SLR buying advice for a Novice

    Hello everyone, To begin with I am absolutely raw regarding SLR. And so i need your help on this: 1. My budget is anything between 20K-30K. 2. I am more into panoramic shots, I use the android photosphere most often but am not intending to buy a fish eye lens...
  2. panacea_amc

    SLR Buying advice

    Hello everyone, To begin with I am absolutely raw regarding SLR. And so i need your help on this: 1. My budget is anything between 20K-30K. 2. I am more into panoramic shots, I use the android photosphere most often but am not intending to buy a fish eye lens...
  3. A

    New DSLR camera

    need a dslr camera budget 30k... and also what should i look when buying a new slr.... <plz dont say megapixel>:lol:
  4. I

    1st SLR?

    sir i own a studio.. now i want 2 buy my 1st dslr for studio photography and also for outdoor purpose like party, maarriage etc.. i have read many articles in the net and i m totally confused which slr should i purchase... my budget is 30k... plz help me.. reply soon..
  5. PromptSpace-Kushal

    First DSLR Advice

    Hello, It's time for me to upgrade from a Bridge camera to and DSLR. Cameras I have used in the past are the SX120IS, Finepix S3300. Now I am looking for an entry level DSLR- Please advice me to choose among D3100 or EOS1100D The 1100D has 2 variant with different lenses on Flipkart...
  6. K

    Suggestion for a semi SLR or DSLR

    Suggestion for a semi SLR or DSLR under RS:20,000/- Nikon is one of my favorite... Beginning photography career... :confused:
  7. M

    SLR camera under 60k

    Hi friends I have been using point and shoot cameras for quite some time. Recently, I saw some pics of a SLR camera and was blown away by the quality of pics and now I want one SLR camera too. I will be using SLR cameras for the first time. My primary purpose is personal use which involves...
  8. P

    Panasonic Lumix Fz 150 Or any other camera?

    I have done some research on cameras available in 20k-24k range and i have got this beast. I m getting good deal in for 22300 Even though flipcart is selling it at 24500 and it comes with 3 year warranty. This is a feature rich and one of my friend already having older version on...
  9. M

    Used slr camers in kolkata......

    Guys help me find some Used slr camera with lens.The models i am looking for are Pentax k1000,Nikon FE,Canon AE-1 program.Pls also quote the prices if you can.I dont want to go for online shopping.I live in Durgapur so it would be helpful if it is in and around kolkata.
  10. vickybat

    Cheapest SLR

    Want to buy a cheap slr and i'm a complete noob in photography. Budget at max is 20k including an 18-55 kit. Don't know much but saw the sony nex-3 although isn't a complete slr (micro four third)but has all the features except the mirror prism setup. Are there any better options?? Need a bit...
  11. C


    What's the difference between a DSLR and an SLR??? Please help me out.
  12. thanseer

    help me to buy a slr cam under 30k

    i'm planning to buy a slr cam my budget is 30k :cry: suggest me a good cam
  13. D

    need information about DSLR and macro lenses

    hello :smile: I hv just registered in this forum and this is my first post in here :smile: ... first of all, i'm a newbie in photography and have little experience about the camera and photography details... though i have experiences of using a SLR bt that was years ago(my fathers analog SLR)...
  14. T

    buy a new mid range D SLR Camera!!!!

    hey guys,,needed help in buyin a new d slr camera.. a mid range 1... usage, personal amateur photography......(but like 2 take a lot of photos....b it nature or object) requirement:- 6 MP + NOKON OR CANON MAX BUDGET:- 35000rs. needed help in deciding....which 1 2...
  15. go4saket

    Should I buy a SLR Camera?

    Hello friends! I am not a pro photographer nor do I intend to be one. I like clicking pictures, specially of family and stuff. I dont have much idea about photography stuff and at present have a Sony Cybershot DSC-P200. Since some time I am very much interested in buying a decent SLR camera as...
  16. tango_cash

    i am looking for a slr digital camera.pls help

    helo people i am thinking of buying a digital slr camera.i am quite intrested in photography. my budget is 20000-25000/-. i have been suggested the nikon is a good camera with 10 megapixel but it has only 3x optical zoom. i am looking for a slr camera with atleast 12x optical zoom.10...
  17. a_medico

    Photography - SLR lens query

    A rather dumb query and the answer is probably 'no' but still I am taking my chances. Is it possible to use a manual lens (SLR) as an accessory for a routine digital camera? I have Konica-Minolta Dimage Z2. It's basic fotos are awesome. But I was stunned after handling the manual lens...
  18. Tapomay

    FS: Cosina C1s SLR Camera + Accessories

    Hi friends, I want to sell my 18 months old manual SLR camera with some accessories. Those are in excellent condition and you can't find even a single scratch on them. The total list :- Cosina C1s manual SLR camera with 35-70mm Cosina Lens & Carry Bag Viviter 70-210mm telephoto lens...
  19. skippednote

    Want a Digi SLR. Suggest?

    I have a NIKON 5200 5mp . I wanted to buy a digital slr. which is the best, starting from the lowest price? Atleast 8 mp.
  20. S

    Which is the best lowhand Digital SLR Camera

    I like to buy a Digital SLR Camera. Can any1 tell me how much it cost and feature and make of the Camera
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