Form 50 procurement Procedure For Importing/Shipping items into West Bengal


i was checking a printer @ and saw the seller mentioning waybill for WB customers. i wonder if we still need this, any update ?

bought some medium sized boxes from flipkart and even ebay before, never needed any documents from my side. printer box if i am gonna buy is going to be biggest tho.

also i would request mods/ admins move this thread tho shopping section with a sticky if possible.


Right off the assembly line
Recently i ordered a cabinet form ABGB and asked me to provide waybill no for it to get delivered in Kolkata. Well.. i asked them to find alternative way to ship the item as they only use Fed-ex . So they told me they can ship it through DTDC but it cost me extra 1200.. :(

Any update regarding this Waybill procedure ? for individual ?
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