For those still using IE6

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You guys have probably heard other users talking about "tabbed browsing" available in browsers like Firefox and Opera...

basically opening many websites within one single window.

You may also have heard that IE7 also features "tabbed browsing" and are perhaps waiting to upgrade to Vista or a better PC. Well now you don't have to wait for IE7 for tabbed browsing is available in IE6!

Just download Yahoo toolbar (or MSN toolbar), it installs automatically in IE6. A plus sign in the toolbar lets you open tabs.


download Yahoo toolbar:

download msn toolbar:

You will get many other cool features like pop-up blocker etc.


Rather than that, there are many third-party programs that use IE as base... Such as Maxthon, Slimbrowser, etc... They have many more advanced features than those provided by these toolbars... Features such as Tabbed Browsing, Popup blocking, privacy protection, skins, etc. are all included in most of these...



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Yahoo! toolbar sucks big time. The tabs are useless.

Do not install it if you want to avoid crap on your machine. But then if you are using Internet Explorer, you are probably accustomed to having crap around anyway. :D

No offense intended.


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But the fact is, why are you still using IE6!! IE7 is a wonderful update, and coupled with IE7Pro, there is no reason you should hold back to IE6.
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