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The first in-game screenshots of a game developed for the Playstation 3 have been released and they are impressive. We say PS3 since game media outlets seem to agree that Sony's console is the source, even though Possession (the game concerned) is also under development for the XBox 2/360 and for the PC. To view the full gallery follow the screens tab above.

On the run up to E3 Microsoft has managed to pull all the stops in order to have the gamer's gaze fixed on its XBox 2/360. So much so in fact, that another console competitor and PR veteran has been, somewhat sidelined. Knowing Sony's PR pedigree however, we doubt that staying quiet is not part of its strategy for now. It seems that Sony may be waiting for the US giant to stop screaming and may modify its product appropriately in order to better position its console in the market. Part of the appeal of the Cell design is its flexibility and that would suggest that Sony may have a lot of leg-room for changes depending on pricing restrictions and on competitor products. Expect more surprises fom Sony at E3 this month, it is going to be showcasing the PS3 then after all.

Blitz games, developers of Possession describe the technology that will be utilized by the game as We've got technology that will allow for many, many zombies and humans swarming the streets. You can maim and decapitate them when and where you fancy, and they'll all accurately reflect the damage inflicted. Zombies will lose skin and body parts in real-time, revealing individual gore patterns.

Environmental destruction will also be high on the agenda. We want to turn a modern American city into a virtual war zone of destruction, with the streets degrading as the battle progresses. We've got the next-generation technology to show this on a scale that's never been seen before.

Blitz Games also claims that Possession will offer some interesting gameplay techniques The over-riding theme will be carnage at all costs! Using a fast-action point and shoot interface, you'll experiment with your zombie horde and the zombie mutations to create real-time emergent strategies, selecting targets - an enemy or interactive element - and quick firing zombie commands at it. In addition the Enslaver can easily attack, jump, defend, run and interact with objects while simultaneously issuing commands.

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I dont see anything "revolutionary" in the screenshot[its possible with the current generation engines]...but losing skin and body parts in real-time, revealing individual gore patterns..woohoo..sounds sweet :twisted:

I remember Gamer.TV interview from te developers of this game...infact it showed a lot of stuff in that episode [Its 2-3 months ago][/img]


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Yup, I saw that interview too, though the game code that was featured seemed to be an early breed. All the zombies were doing was drag their feet around in hordes and hordes and overturn a few cars. Still as I say, it was a pretty early build, so the possibility for smething truly mindblowing is there. Now only if some pics of the actual console will surface up too! Now THAT will be sweet!
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