Firefox Hits 100 Million Downloads!!!

What browser is your favorite now...

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Re: Best Browser

ashisharya said:
Opera is the best browser. FireFox has no feature. U cant even see any animations on the web or u have to download the Flash for FF.

Blind Fanboyism At its best :D ROFL !! Dude plz state some facts b4 u blurt out ! :lol:


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ashisharya said:
FireFox has no feature. U cant even see any animations on the web or u have to download the Flash for FF.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
can YOU even make out what u have posted? here is a remedy: calm down, open ur mind, let ur brain do a lil bit of work and then post....also, please USE a software bfor giving your - ahem - "expert comments" (read foolishly stupid comments).
if u cant see animations, then u probably must have a firewall setting to disable animations.
and about flash, i still cant make out what u mean to say, but i'm guessing that u have one of these three things in mind:
anything else oh great one??


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Indyan said:
aish congrats on using opera.
But plz don't give bad name to opera.That kind of a fanboyism is normally associated with FF.
Plz speak with reasons.
For once i agree with FF fans!!
Hmm, where ever there is FF flamming, u are there... :wink:

We are all passionate about the browsers we use, dont we?
WE are all fanboyist, and u opera fans are Blind Fanboyists.. :twisted:


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ya i dint try the beta one, but now that i have tried it , i can tell it is nothing compared to FF!

and ppl see my reply to the "lies" which i spread!


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LATEST NEWS: Twenty One Million Downloads of Firefox completed.


Posted by asa on Sat, 01/29/2005 - 04:20 :: Spreading Firefox

This morning, at about 4 o'clock, Firefox 1.0 downloads topped the 21,000,000 mark. We've added another million downloads in the last four days. That's amazing.

We're still getting a quarter million downloads a day. What can we do to keep this momentum going? Use this thread to discuss spreading the Firefox 1.0 fire.

--Asa, on behalf of the sfx team
hyped? i dont think so...
hey whats this i see? 81% votes for firefox? hmmm...seems like action does speak louder than words.. :roll:

also see this:
What sells firefox? its the users' comments.

the Firefox 2.0 roadmap:

the list of features planned for future versions of firefox:


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between 1.1 version is gonna be delayed, it seems :(

Firefox lead engineer turned Google developer Ben Goodger announced on his Web log late this week that version 1.1 of Firefox will be delayed.

The next major release of the browser had originally been scheduled for a March debut. However, Goodger said the release date had to be pushed back because of "the realities of the work remaining to be done," including a lot of bug fixes and testing to ensure a stable application.

While no solid date for a 1.1 release has been announced, Goodger did offer details on how to expect the next version of Firefox. An non-public alpha of 1.1 will be released followed by a public preview version, then several release candidates, and the final version of the browser.

Among the major changes and fixes expected in Firefox 1.1 are a fix to the bug that causes the browser not to retain the scroll position when going back and forward through Web pages. The update will also ensure certain Web sites and text display properly within the Mozilla-based browser.

Firefox 1.1 is an intermediate step on the way to version 2 of the open source browser, which is expected late this year.

source : BETA NEWs


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Thread renamed.


On Spread firefox website

25 million in 99 days: Do you all ever sleep?
On February 15th, exactly 99 days after it was released, Firefox 1.0 smashed through the 25 million download milestone.

Thank you.

Spread the fire.....


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Its a lovely feeling of accomplishment. I at first didn't realise that spreading firefox could bring so much of pleasure, and pleasure in seeing your family, friends and destitutes browsing the net in happiness......



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Sourabh said:
i guess we would c firefox 2.0 before it reaches the 50 million mark
Sourabh now as u can see that FF already got 25Million downloads in 99 dayz and before 1 April it will breach 50 million mark.

Firefox the BEST


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firefox problem

hi friends,
i am facing problem in firefox 1.0 as I am not able to see hindi websites (font problem) and also facing problem in bookmark to see my favourite while off line.
I have already installed hindi fonts for hindi websites and when I switched over to IE6 then no problem to see hindi websites like (webduniya-sehat etc, what should i do for both problems?
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It's not 50 yet, but gonna reach soon... :D


Dear Firefox contributors,

They said browsers were dead. They said open source would never penetrate the mainstream. But you've never cared much for rules, have you? And now we're blazing a trail to 50 million downloads worldwide. As we turn open source into a household word and reassert the supremacy of simplicity, we are making waves—and starting fires.

We've spent long nights in a tiny conference room here in Mountain View trying to figure out how to celebrate this momentous occasion. Should we lower Mitchell, our fearless president, into an erupting volcano? Send her backpacking through the Alps? In the end, we decided we'd rather celebrate by rewarding those who got us here. And that's you.

We have a handful of unique prizes that you won't find anywhere else, and we're asking you to do one simple thing to claim one: impress us. As we drive toward 50 million downloads, do something so cool, so unusual and so spectacular to spread Firefox that we can't help but scurry around the Mozilla Foundation to tell every one. Send a photo of your feat to

So what impresses us? Maybe it's convincing your mayor to declare a Firefox holiday (take a picture of the declaration). Or going to the prom dressed as a Firefox (take a picture of your date slapping you). We'll keep a running log of the prize winners and their stories below. The sky's the limit, but the clock's ticking.
(actual number)

Blake Ross Asa Dotzler
Blake and Asa
The SpreadFirefox team

P.S. As soon as we turn 50, we'll be giving away the biggest prize of all to a special Spread Firefox affiliate, and it has nothing to do with impressing us. Come see us on the big day to find out more.


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IT's 50 million now!

Firefox downloads: 50,001,125

Consider this to 8mn download of Opera! :D


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Firefox Reaches 75 Million Downloads

Congratulations, today we have reached 75,000,000 downloads. The download was made 13:17:10 CEST.

Here are some facts to help you with a understanding of this huge number:

* 25% of the US population
* Over 2 times the population of Canada
* 50% of the Russian population
* 16% of the population in the European Union
* 60% of the Japanese population
* 6% of the Chinese population

Thats 25,000,000 more downloads in less than 3 months, after the 50 million downloads milestone in April. The 100 million downloads milestone isn't that far away

Other milestones are close to be reached aswell, as Mozilla's open-source mail client ThunderBird is nearing on its 10 millionth download, and Minimo, the browser for small devices had its first prerelease version with tabs, RSS support and a bookmark manager. The Mozilla staff itself has quadrupled during the past six months, to 40 employees.

Mozilla on Tuesday marked the 75 millionth download of Firefox. It's unsure, though, how many users are actually using Firefox as their web browser; The counter counts multiple downloads of different versions and doesn't count Mozilla's automatic updates or copies from single downloads distributed through organizations by technology managers.

The milestone provides at least a psychological boost to the foundation's volunteers and staffers, who have watched growth rates slip this year amid a string of security problems.

"We're beefing up the management on the project," said Chris Hofmann, whose title at Mozilla is in flux since the foundation hired another director of engineering. "The project is still very healthy. We're seeing continued corporate interest and have a lot of large organizations that want to do deployments."

Spread Firefox:


FX market share:

Download the Fire:


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Hey what makes our foxy so lovable and user friendly????? I have even forgotton that I have IE installed and running ever since the foxy has arrived.......
Until today when by mistake I downloaded the JAVA plugin for IE instead of firefox....
can anyone tell me how to use that downloaded plugin for my firefox not needin to download it again......????? :roll:
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