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Finally a 200$ bluray drive for PC from Sony

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While we like Blu-ray burners as much as the next guy, we've never understood why the burners came first. Well, the wait is finally over and Sony has just announced the BDU-X10S (reader only) for both the PC (pictured) and laptop (after the jump) with a MSRP of $200 -- curiously not 199.99. If this isn't a good enough deal for you, luckily Sony is also including CyberLink's PowerDVD BD Edition. The drives feature a SATA interface, which makes sense since this is the interface of choice on the type of newer PCs that will actually have the juice to playback HD.

Source : engadget (http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/06/finally-the-200-sony-blu-ray-drive-of-the-pc/)
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this is a reader and not a writer, just wanted to add the info ;)

anyway, wish that laptop drive's prices also come down :D



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phoosh ...... popat huaa ..... bt hope it also supports multisessions .......

as current dvd ritter dont .......


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^^^^ nero gives a warning when creating a multisession dvd that the dvd many not be playable on all dvd players.


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@Sukhdeep Singh ..... r u the 1 in digit mag [poll ans] ........ & do all ur multisession dvd`s work\readable on all OTHER pc`s .......

me 2 wanna do them .... bt afraid 2 lose data ......

any link\tut 2 create a PROPER dvd ?

Sukhdeep Singh

Oh so i am there in Digit Poll, I wasnt sure. Thanks for notifying :D Time to buy Magazine :lol:

I know, writing DVD in normal mode using Nero works in all DVD Rom which are like 2-3 yrs old :) atleast for me they do


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@SS, will try it out [multisession] ....... & isnt it nice 2 c urself on the mag ?
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