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Final year books suggestions???

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So finally its the beginning of Final Year of my engineering, got the Academic Schedule today itself and so need your suggestion on the books of the following subjects;

  1. Linux :p
  2. Compiler Design :confused:
  3. Broadband Communication
  4. Artificial Intelligence :cool:
  5. E-Commerce:mad:
BTW we were supposed to have 2 "Elective" subjects but goddamn college and god awful KU have already selected A.I as one and E-Commerce as other. You tell me who the hell wants to study E-Commerce? I was so keen on taking "Neuro Fuzzy Computing" as one subject and "A.I" as other. You all know what a killer combo these 2 would have made! But looks like all the University people and all the college teachers don't have the minerals to teach Fuzzy Computing thats why they chose to take an easy way out. In the second elective too theres was so-called option for A.I or Image Processing and they dropped the latter too 'cause it might have proven to be a difficult subject even for the DumbF's teachers as they totally F'd up our Computer Graphics subject last semester. :mad:
Anyways tell me some good books if you have any in mind.
Here you go... :D

Understanding the Linux Kernel (3rd Ed) - Daniel Bovet and Marco Cesati (O'Reilly)
Reference - Linux in a Nutshell (serves as a quickie)
Linux Bible by Wiley

Also... most O'Reilly books on Linux are pretty good

Compiler Design
The Art of Compiler Design: Theory and Practice - Thomas Pittman
Linkers and Loaders - John Levine
Compilers - Alfred Aho, Ravi Sethi and Jeffrey Ullman
Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation - Steven Muchnick

Btw... check the below 2 links. Both are full books online... Damn good stuff IMO


Broadband Communications - Balaji Kumar (this is the only one i know.. :D)

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach - Stuart Russell and Peter Norv (BUY THIS!! DEFINITELY!)

Speech and Language Processing: An Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, and Speech Recognition - Dan Jurafsky, James H. Martin,
Andrew Kehler, Keith Vander Linden, Nigel Ward

Pattern Recognition And Machine Learning - Christopher Bishop

E - Commerce

The Complete E-Commerce Book:Design, Build & Maintain a Successful Web-based Business - Janice Reynolds and Roya Mofazali (again... a definite buy!_

Submit Now: Designing Persuasive Websites - Andrew Chak (dont go by the name of the book. This has some pretty awesome stuff)

The E - Commerce Book - Steffano Korper and Juanita Ellis

Hope dis helps you dude! :D
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