File transfer one for all, all for one! Xender V3 review!

Xender transfers anything you want, from documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps, in an instant with just few taps.
Xender 3.0 version has introduce connect PC function which makes file transfer process possible between any devices be it any phone or any PC, MAC or Chrome book. No need to download or install software on your computer, we can just scan the devices and get connected. It also allows file transfer seamlessly with high speed.

Features like Phone replicate does exist but now we need to connect phones and tap on the connected phone icon to get the option of “Import Data”.

UI and material design are new and impressive.

Now we have option to continue hide “Hidden files” or enable through the settings.
We can get an alert if your mobile data is in use or no?
For security we can also set password for connection.
Through the profile page we can get the account of files transferred, people connected data used and such.
Xender has also headed towards monetizing the apps by providing recommended app section.

Overall this update has brought several added features. Also rectified bugs observed previously.

Worth giving a try!
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