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File sharing using Nokia Siemens 1600 Router


Inclined to Tech
I have Nokia siemens 1600 model router [BSNL] and wish to set up a home network between PC and Laptop to share folders and files.

I have win xp sp3 on desktop and win7 Enterprise in laptop. PC is connected using Ethernet and Laptop using wifi for inetrnet [PPPoE connection].

i want to make a small network using this will it be possible to share large files between each other with this setup ?.
if so can u plz tell me how to do?


If you want only file sharing then first set the folder properties to shared. Check the IP address set up on both computers. Then go to Start>Run & enter \\IP Address or \\Computer Name of the other computer. Enter the username/password of that computer & once you log in you will be able to view all shared folders on that computer.


Inclined to Tech
Thank you Kev.Ved let me try this..

If it possible to share something in windows with an android device..?
ie Pc connected through ethernet and android tab connected through wifi to the
1600 Router..
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