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Fighter plane simulation

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Can someone suggest me a fighter jet simulation game with missions n all....something like the tomclancy's hawx


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Personally, the best I have played is F22 Air Dominance Fighter and F22 Total Air War, both 10 year old games and still the best, Air War being the successor to Dominance Fighter.
If you really like the fighter simulation factor, Air War can't be beaten, even today.

Check some videos on YT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpNC923DeDY&feature=related

For more other games, check combatsim.com

PS: I'm also wishing secretly for someone to bring this game back to life with today's graphics and physics.
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H.A.W.X is the best if you are into realistic looking arcade style. Same like COD4 where everything looks real but controls are arcade.
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