[Feedback/Testing] Android Feed Reader for Digit


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I've created a feed reader for ThinkDigit, so before rolling it out, I'd like to have some feedback and/or crash reports.

@Vyom has already been of immense help and has seen though the last 5 revisions, and this is nearly the complete thing, so this is effectively the final stage (beta testing, if I were to put it). If the application crashes in anyway, it generates a crash log at `/sdcard/tmp/` and the same is forwarded to me for bug fixing. So if the app crashes on you, kindly point out the scenario and attach the log (if possible), The application will post the crash log remotely if the internet connection is present.

The application is present here: FeedDigit

Thanks for the help :)


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downloaded it...
the application crashed when opened just after installing, running fine then...
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