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[FEEDBACK] New Thinkdigit Website

What do you think of the all new ThinkDigit.com?

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phpBB3 is considered as on of the most insecure among all forums.
though it does have mods, installing the mods is a pita. You have to edit the core files. So every time you upgrade or re-install, you have to re-install the mods.

But most of the forums accross the world use phpBB rite?
Even the most popular one with lakhs of users?
How do they use phpBB in such popular sites where the possibility of being hacked is high compared to the danger of the desi hackers here.
This forum also cant be called secure.
I heard that even u once managed to hack into this forum.


Let the music play.....
This looks nice and too much red. If any subtle color could have been used it would look nice :)


Legen-wait for it-dary!
Bring Back Orginal Forum
I Will Use Cheat Codes
All Ur Base R Belong To Us
Cheese Steak Jimmy's
And Crash Forum

EDIT: hey this is neeeat, I typed everything above in caps, and they are all capitalized :)

EDIT2: ^^ djmykey, please, the last thing we want is PINK.:p


Slideshow Bob
There seems to be no use of providing any feedback here.

Still I can't see any attachments!!! :-x
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Cyborg Agent
@iMav - Yea, might leave soon. Now it looks like it is handled by some 13 year old noob guy who is very stubborn and wants to earn. :|
Advice for 9dot9: Blue is the most eye friendly colour, followed by green. Black and White are also very eye friendly. But Red is the exact opposite. Red hurts eyes. Please get a better theme. How about the one I suggested in a previous post ? Its bluish white


Why wont the admins reply to our requests? Why cant they change the damn theme:mad:

@Rohan: Can you hack this site again and change the theme? :D
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