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  1. ithehappy

    Smartband within ₹5k?

    As the title asks. I need one of those smartband toys, which lets you inform for an incoming call and text messages by vibrating. I was actually going for the Sony SWR10 which is going on for around 5k on eBay nowadays but just thought about asking here. Again, I am not looking for a smartwatch...
  2. CentaurDream

    Anti-static wrist strap

    Hi. I am trying to find an anti-static wrist strap. Can anyone inform me where to get one?
  3. K

    laptop battery

    Hey guys... I have a toshiba satellite a100 709 laptop and now its battery has died down. I searched for a replacement battery in several local shops but could not find it anywhere. If anyone knows where its available please do inform me. Thnks...
  4. Tech.Masti

    Suggest Good anti-keylogger software.....

    i need to know about some good anti-keylogger software, if there is some good free option, also inform about them.... thanx in advance
  5. C

    Best Home Theater_Denon or Onkyo

    I want to buy a Home theater 7.1 and confused with Denon and Onkyo.Kindly help me to buy the best of 2 and also inform me the model no. My budget is around 40K.
  6. chandrudme

    Samsung Star II

    Guys Any review on New Samsung Star II? Pl inform Thanks Chandra
  7. bbachar

    Price of Monster Workstations

    Hello every one... I want to buy 5 monster workstations Please suggest me some configuration with : Duel Xeon Processor Compatible motherboard 32GB of RAM High-end Graphics Card Please inform me the price and availability in India. BTW I am from Kolkata.
  8. nithinks

    My Gmail account got hacked

    Hi , Somebody stolen my gmail account, All chat history, contact list got deleted. Can someone inform me regarding the recovery of the same.. Thanks
  9. U

    does anybody know!

    does anybody know what's operating system for LG,Samsung ,motorola mobiles please inform me as soon as possible
  10. Raaabo

    [FEEDBACK] New Thinkdigit Website

    As most of you will have noticed, we have a brand new Site up at www.thinkdigit.com. We're still looking to enhance the functionalities of the new site, and your feedback will be valuable. If there's some feature you'd like or a bug you've found, this is the place to inform us about it...
  11. INS-ANI

    Best 100-150kbps internet service provider

    Hey friends, i am thinking of going for 100-150kbps internet , wat are the options available in NIgdi,pune. ALso inform me about BSNL data cards, and their service?
  12. entrana

    ragnarok online 2!!

    hello all ragnarok lovers. the only working server for ro2 is out . find it at euphro2.com . i didnt try it yet but just wanted to inform all the people who love ragnarok
  13. V


    did digit has provide this Update for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (KB884020) in any recent issue.plz do inform me if they did in any issue.
  14. insanekiller

    The "Portable Media Player Buying Advice" Thread

    I need an MP3 player with a capacity of 512 MB or 1 GB. The following are the features I am looking for - Voice Recording Good and Simple interface Good SNR The following are the features I DONT want FM FLAC, and other lesser known file formats. I don't care much about the transfer...
  15. Pravas

    Hey wat are Wap sites.

    How can i access wap sites through my mobile...Yeah i do have GPRS enabled handset. Can i access through Airtel live service. Please do inform me about the same with more necessary information.:D
  16. K


    Hi Guys, I would like to have Text to Reader free Software. Can you inform me in which month Digit CD/DVD is avilable?
  17. aniishvara@gmail.com


    guys ever since the movie "lage raho munnabhai " released,there has been a hue and cry over "GANDHIGIRI" across the media.. i have myself read a number of articles abt gandhigiri in the newspapers and some news channels also carried out some spl programs on gandhigiri.. now for my...
  18. Ishan

    want an invitation

    is any body a member of desitorrent.com ? pls send an invitation to yogesthakrar@hotmail.com or toishanfromsomeonespecial@yahoo.com pls... and if sent..pls inform here...that where u have sent the invitation....Thanks a lot..!
  19. V

    Any Program similar to Google's Adsense Available

    Is there any other advertising program similar to google's adsense is available on net. If so please inform
  20. S

    all about playstation 2 and 3

    i like to know whether ps3 games will run on ps2.what is the cost of ps3. i am interested in buying playstation 2 if anybody is going to sell please inform me.
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