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Fed-Up with BSNL , want to Shift ISP , Need Help


In the zone
BSNL is not working me anymore
my demands increased but speed never increases plus frequent disconnection problem ...

i am from Kolkata
Having considered a few isp
i wanted to go for Reliance Thunder Plan
but when i wanted to contact them
via these numbers
Phone: 1800 3000 7777 from any phone (Toll free) or
022-3033 7777 from any phone.

It only works if you are a present customer of reliance

Please tell me how to get reliance connection in Kolkata

Who should i contact ?

And How is the Alliance Broadband service ?
Does it gives a dynamic ip every time i connect to the internet ?:twisted:


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I don't have any info on Reliance (I live near Calcutta). I have heard both good and bad things about Alliance, and how unstable they are, sometimes. But this I have heard several times, people who did move to other ISP eventually came back or want to come to BSNL. I personally wanted to move too, but refrained from doing that several times! I know you will have to spend a little more, but they are pretty stable, and very stable if you compare it with current ISPs in Calcutta.
Besides they posted on Facebook they have plan to increase bandwith, from March, so just 2/3 days to see if any good plans come up.

Just my 2 cents.


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Don't go with Reliance,OP as you mentioned.

It's better to try for some private cable BB services that are present on your area.

But I also echo the same points as @whatthefrak mentioned above.

Many customers(Geek & Ordinary) reverted back to BSNL after being using the services of private Cable Broadband ISP's for more than a year or so, at least in my area where I live and stay.
Some of them has even suggested me(I know them personally) to stick with BSNL,no matter how much degradation their service might be.They even said that good days are coming for BSNL. We have to hold our patience.
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