1. Tamil15

    [FAQ] Honor View20 - All you need to know [Continuation - Final]

    Honor View20 FAQ Here's everything you need to know about the latest flagship from Honor #HONORView20 #SeetheUnseen #WorldsFirstTechnology [Continuation..Final] Question: Does Honor View20 support 5G technology? Answer: There is not 5G support in Honor View20. Question: What are all the...
  2. Tamil15

    [FAQ] Honor View20 - All you need to know [Continuation]

    [Continuation...] HARDWARE & SOFTWARE Question: What's processor used in Honor View20 ? Answer: The Honor View20 comes with World's First 7nm chipset, KIRIN 980 an octa core CPU in a (2x ARM Cortex-A76 @ 2.6GHz, 2x ARM Cortex-A76 @ 1.92 GHz, 4x ARM Cortex-A55 @1.8 GHz) while the GPU is a...
  3. Tamil15

    [FAQ] Honor View20 - All you need to know

    Honor View20 FAQ Here's everything you need to know about the latest flagship from Honor #HONORView20 #SeetheUnseen #WorldsFirstTechnology Device Name: Honor View20, also known as Huawei Honor V20 in China. Availability: December 26, 2018 in Beijing, China. Global Launch: January 22, 2019 in...
  4. digit.sh

    [Urgent] C frequently asked questions

    Hi, anybody have a downloaded copy of C FAQ ? C FAQ I tried downloading but the link is broken. If anyone of you have a copy lying around in some corner of your HDD, would you please share it?(At mediafire or dropbox etc). Or email me: iamkuntal@gmail.com Its kind of urgent, thanks in advance.
  5. wwwescape

    FIFA Online

    Hi, Since the FIFA Online beta has ended, does it make sense to uninstall the game from my PC now? Will the game be back online again? There is no news of FAQ on the same on the website so I am not sure... Thanks.
  6. phuchungbhutia

    Need FAQ on computer science , urgent please !

    I need some faqs on computer science topics and subjects for making qna, please . It must be on programming languages like c, c plus, dotnet , java , so on, then networking , software engineering, database management , and so on . Please suggest the websites i can follow , download links for...
  7. Flashbang

    usiGetskin failed problem in Avast in vista

    I have installed Avast 4 Home edition on my vista laptop.It was working fine till today when it gave me an error after checking memeory that "usiGetskin failed,please read the FAQ for help.The FAQ lists the way for windows XP and older versions but not vista.I cant find anything on the net too.:mad:
  8. gary4gar

    Building FAQ for repeated linux questions

    Hi all, I am bored by seeing & answering same queries over and over, so why not make a FAQ, out of existing answered questions. something like Ubuntuguide.org, but it will be bigger than this. what you guys say?
  9. aryayush

    Here’s a Mac FAQ if You’re Looking to Buy a Computer

    Here’s a Mac FAQ if You’re Looking to Buy a Computer November 15, 2007 by Walter S. Mossberg When I write my computer buyers’ guides, I typically focus on Windows computers, not the Apple Macintosh. That’s because I assumed that buying a Mac required little guidance: It’s sold by only one...
  10. S

    moveof players of pc wwe raw

    i like to know the moves of players of raw.suggest me websites from where can i download the faq .
  11. desertwind

    How To Ask a Question Here

    Although useful for any type of question, this HOWTO is specific for the Open Source Section. So you've got a problem, huh ? Of course forums are the best place to get an answer. But most of your problems remain unsolved. Why ? Read On... Before Posting a query on Thinkdigit Forums, or...
  12. S

    Legal Implications of sharing files

    hey dudes, Can i have some info on the legal implications of sharing files with people. like via Orkut or through blogging, GMailFS. Can i have some details. got any website or FAQ for this ? An early reply requested. Thanks
  13. B

    how to get cable tv in a cable internet connection

    hi guys in bhubaneswar cable net(256 kbps shared) is the new buzzword as its price slashed drastically last month. dataone also launched but not available yet. my cable operator has different packages such as: 1.internet+cable tv Rs.675/- per month 2.only internet Rs.500/- per month...
  14. S

    Valuable Sites for Techies

    Hi Frenz, Here are some sites to all those who like to learn any technology on their own....... Hope they will be useful for u Note: Some Sites are outdated. Tutorials This page is based on a snarf of http://stommel.tamu.edu/~baum/programming.html...
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