Extensions and Their Definitions

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    A Object code library
    A Library file (Unix)
    AA Audible audio file
    AAM Authorware shocked file
    AAS Authorware shocked packet
    AB Applix Builder file
    ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font
    ABK Backup file
    ABK Corel Draw AutoBackup
    ABM Audio album file
    ABO Applix Builder Turbo file
    ABS MPEG Audio Sound file
    ACA Project Manager Workbench file
    ACA HTTP animation file
    ACB ACBM Graphic image
    ACD Character definiton file
    ACE ACE Archiver Compression File
    ACF HTTP character file
    ACM Windows system directory file
    ACM Interplay compressed sound file
    ACM Dynamic Link Library DLL
    ACP Microsoft Office Assistant Preview file
    ACR American College of Radiology file
    ACS Character structered storage file
    ACT FoxPro Foxdoc Action Diagram
    ACT Visual FoxPro Documenting wizard action diagram
    ACV Used to Compress and decompress audio data
    AD After Dark screensaver
    ADA Ada source text file
    ADB Ada source text body file
    ADF Amiga Disk File
    ADI AutoCAD device-independent binary plotter file
    ADM Windows NT policy template
    ADX Lotus Approach dBase Index
    ADX Archetype Designer Document
    ADZ Packed ADF file
    AFI Truevision Bitmap graphic
    AI Adobe Illustrator drawing
    AI Corel Trace drawing
    AIN AIN Compressed archive
    AIO APL transfer file
    AIS ACDSee Image Sequence
    AIX HP NewWave Cardfile Application data
    ALB JASC Image Commander album
    ALL Arts & Letters Library
    ALL WordPerfect for Windows General printer information file
    ALS Alias Image
    ALT WordPerfect Library Menu
    ANI Microsoft Windows Animated cursor
    ANM DeluxPaint Animation
    ANN Windows 3.x Help annotation
    ANS ANSI text file
    API Application Program Interface - Adobe
    API Lotus 1-2-3 Printer driver
    APL Application library file
    APP dBase Application Generator Object
    APP FoxPro Generated Application
    APR ArcView project file
    APR Employee Appraiser Performance Review file
    APR Lotus Approach 97 View file
    APS Microsoft Visual C++ file
    APT Lotus Approach Data view file
    APT Text mode application file
    APX Lotus Approach Paradox-Specific information file
    APX Borland C++ Appexpert database
    ARC SQUASH Compressed archive
    ARF Automatic Response file
    ARI ARI Compressed archive
    ARI Aristotle audio file
    ARJ ARJ compressed archive
    ARK ARC File Archiver CPM/Port archive
    ART Clip Art
    ARX ARX Compressed Archive
    AS Applix Spreadsheet
    ASA Microsoft Visual InterDev file
    ASC ASCII text file
    ASD WinWord AutoSave file
    ASF Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format
    ASF StratGraphics Datafile
    ASI Borland C++/Turbo C Assembler Include file
    ASM Assembler Language source file
    ASM Pro/E assembly file
    ASO Astound Dynamite Object
    ASP Active Server Page
    ASP Astound Presentation
    AST Astound multimedia file
    ASX Microsoft Advanced Streaming Redirector file
    ATT AT&T Group 4 bitmap
    AU Sun/NeXT/DEC/UNIX sound file
    AU Audio U-law
    AVA Avagio Publication
    AVB Inculan Anti-Virus virus infected file
    AVI Microsoft Audio Video Interleaved file for Windows movie
    AVR Audio Visual Research file
    AVS Application Visualization System file
    AXL ArcIMS XML project file
    AXT ASCII application object template

    BAD Oracle bad file
    BAK Backup file
    BAL Ballade Music score
    BAR dBase Application Generator Horizontal menu object
    BAS BASIC source code
    BAT Batch file
    BB Papyrus Database backup
    BBL TeX/BibTeX Bibliographic reference file
    BBM Deluxe Paint Bitmap image
    BBS Bulletin Board Sytem text
    BCH Batch Process Object dBase Application Generator
    BCH Datalex Entry Point 90 Data file
    BCM Microsoft Works Communications file
    BCO Bitstream Outline font description file
    BCP Borland C++ Makefile
    BCW Borland C++ 4.5 Environment settings file
    BDB Microsoft Works Dababase file
    BDF West Point Bridge Designer file
    BDF Egret Datafile
    BDR Microsoft Publisher Border
    BEZ Bitstream Outline font description
    BF2 Bradford 2 Font
    BFC Windows 95 Briefcase Document
    BFM Font Metrics file
    BFX Fax document file
    BGL Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery file
    BHF pcAnywhere Host file
    BI Binary file
    BIB Bibliography file ASCII
    BIB TeX/BibTeX Literature Database
    BIB Database
    BIF GroupWise initialization file
    BIF Image Capture Board Binary Image black & white graphic
    BIFF XLITE 3D file
    BIN Binary file
    BIT X11 Bitmap
    BKS Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Backup
    BKW FontEdit Fontset mirror image
    BLD BASIC Bloadable picture file
    BLK WordPerfect for Windows Temporary file
    BM Windows system Bitmap
    BM1 Apogee BioMenace data
    BMF Corel Gallery file
    BMP Windows or OS/2 bitmap
    BOM Bill of materials file
    BOO Microsoft Booasm.arc Compressed archive
    BOOK Adobe FrameMaker Book
    BOX Lotus Notes file
    BPC Business Plan Toolkit Chart
    BPL Borland Delphi 4 packed library
    BPS Microsoft Works Document
    BPT CorelDraw Bitmap fills file
    BPX Truevision Targa Bitmap
    BQY BrioQuery file
    BR Bridge Script
    BRD Eagle Layout file
    BRZ DbBRZ file for very large Db backup or restore
    BSA BSARC Compressed archive
    BSC MS Developer Studio browser information
    BSP Quake map file
    BTM Batch file used by Norton Utilities
    BUD Backup disk for Quicken
    BUG Bugs and Problems file
    BUN CakeWalk Audio Bundle
    BUP Backup
    BUY Movie data file
    BWV Business Wave file
    BYU BYU Movie

    C C code
    C-- Sphinx C-- Source code
    CA Telnet Server Initial cache data file
    CAB Microsoft cabinet file
    CAC dBase IV Executable file
    CAD Softdesk Drafix Cad file
    CAG Catalog file
    CAL CALS Compressed Bitmap
    CAL Calendar schedule data file
    CAM Casio camera file
    CAN Navigator Fax
    CAP Compressed music file
    CAR AtHome assistant file
    CAS Comma-delimited ASCII file
    CAT Quicken IntelliCharge categorization file
    CAT dBase Catalogue file
    CB Microsoft clean boot file
    CBC CubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System file
    CBI Column binary file
    CBL Cobol Source code
    CBM XLib Compiled Bitmap
    CBT Generic Computer based training file
    CC Visual dBASE custom class file
    CC C++ Source code
    CCH Corel Chart
    CCL Intalk Communication Command Language
    CCT Macromedia Director Shockwave cast file
    CDA CD Audio Track
    CDB Clipboard file
    CDF Microsoft Channel Definition Format
    CDM Visual dBASE custom data module
    CDR Corel Draw Vector drawing file
    CDR Raw Audio-CD data file
    CDT Corel Draw template
    CDT CorelDraw Data file
    CDX Corel Draw compressed drawing
    CDX Microsoft's Visual Foxpro index
    CEL AutoDesk Animator Cel Image
    CER Certificate file
    CFG System Configuration file
    CFL CorelFLOW Chart
    CFM ColdFusion template
    CFM Visual dBASE Windows customer form
    CFM Creative FM-Music
    CGI Common gateway interface script
    CGM Computer Graphic Metafile
    CHF pcAnywhere remote control file
    CHK WordPerfect for Windows Temporary file
    CHL Configuration History Log
    CHM Compiled HTML file
    CHT ChartMaster dBase Interface file
    CIF Easy CD Creator image
    CIF pcAnywhere caller file
    CL3 Layout file for Adaptec Easy CD Creator
    CLASS Java class
    CLG Disk Catalog database
    CLP Windows Clipboard
    CLP Quattro Pro Clip art
    CLP Clipper 5 Compiler Script
    CLS Visual Basic Class Module
    CLS C++ Class Definition
    CMA Database file in plain text format
    CMD Command file for Windows NT
    CMD DOS CP/M command file
    CMD dBase-II program file
    CMF Corel Metafile
    CMP JPEG Bitmap
    CMR MediaPlayer Movie
    CMV Corel Move animation
    CMX Corel Presentation Exchange image
    CNM Windows application menu options and setup file
    COB COBOL Source code
    COD FORTRAN Compiled code
    COD dBase Application Generator Template source file
    COD Video Text file
    COL AutoDesk Animator Color Palette
    COL Microsoft Multiplan Spreadsheet
    COM Command file
    CON Simdir Configuration file
    CP8 CP8 256 Gray Scale image
    CPD Corel PrintOffice file
    CPI Microsoft MS-DOS code page information
    CPJ CeQuadrant CD Project
    CPL Control Panel Module
    CPO Corel Print Office image file
    CPP C++ Source code
    CPP CA Cricket Presents presentation
    CPR Corel Presents presentation
    CPS Central Point PC Tools Backup
    CPS Coloured postscript
    CPT Corel Photo-Paint image
    CPT dBase Encrypted Memo
    CRD Microsoft Windows 3.x Cardfile
    CRF Zortech C++ cross-reference
    CRP Corel Presents run-time presentation
    CRP Visual dBASE custom report
    CRP dBase IV Encrypted database
    CRS WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows File Conversion resource
    CRT Certificate file
    CRT Oracle Terminal settings information
    CSA Comma deliminated text
    CSM Borland C++ 4.5 Precompiled header
    CSS Statistica/w Datasheet
    CSS Cascading Style Sheet
    CST Macromedia Director Cast resource file
    CSV Comma-separated values file
    CT Paint Shop Pro Graphic Editor files
    CTL dBase IV Control
    CTX Visual Basic User control binary file
    CTX Microsoft Online Course Text
    CUE Microsoft Cue Cards data
    CUR Windows Cursor
    CURSOR Sun Microsystems Cursor
    CUT Dr Halo Bitmap
    CV Corel Versions archive
    CV Microsoft CodeView information screen
    CVG Image
    CVS Canvas drawing file
    CXT Macromedia Director protected Cast resource file
    CXX C++ source code

    DAO Windows Registry Backup
    DAP Microsoft Access 2000 Data access page
    DAT Data file
    DB Borderland's Paradox 7 database
    DBC Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database container file
    DBF Database file
    DBF Oracle 8.1.x tablespace file
    DBK dBase Database Backup
    DBO Compiled program file
    DBQ Paradox Memo
    DBT dBase Text Memo
    DBV Memo field file
    DBW Microsoft Windows 9.x Database file
    DBX DataBeam image
    DBX Microsoft's Visual FoxPro Table file
    DC CAD file
    DC2 CAD file
    DC5 DataCAD Drawing
    DCA Document Content Architecture Text file
    DCA Visual Basic Active designer cache
    DCF Disk Image file
    DCM DCM module
    DCR Shockwave file
    DCS Desktop Color Separation file
    DCS Quark Xpress Bitmap Graphics
    DCT Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database container file
    DCU Delphi compiled unit
    DCX Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database container file
    DCX Fax image
    DCX Macro file
    DCX Bitmap Graphics file
    DDB Bitmap Graphics file
    DEF C++ definition file
    DEFI Oracle 7 de-install script
    DEM Demo file
    DEP Visual Basic Setup Wizard Dependency file
    DER Certificate file
    DEV Device Driver
    DEZ Encrypted zip file
    DFD Data Flow Diagram Graphic
    DFI Outline Font description
    DFL Default Program Settings
    DFM Data Flow Diagram model
    DFS Sound File
    DFV Printing Form value
    DGS Diagnostics Report
    DIB Device-independent bitmap
    DIC Dictionary file
    DIF Data Interchange Format spreadsheet
    DIF Data Interchange Output file
    DIG Digilink file
    DIG Sound Designer I audio
    DIP Graphics file
    DIR Macromedia Director file
    DIS Ray Tracer file
    DLG C++ Dialogue Script
    DLL Dynamic-link library file
    DLL CorelDraw Export/Import Filter
    DLS Downloadable sound
    DMD Visual dBASE data module
    DMF Packed Amiga disk image
    DOB Visual Basic User document
    DOC FrameMaker or FrameBuilder document
    DOC WordStar document
    DOC WordPerfect document
    DOC Microsoft Word document
    DOS DOS Text file
    DOT Word Document Template
    DOT Line-Type definition
    DOX User document binary form Visual Basic
    DPR Borland C++ Project header
    DRAW Acorn's object-based vector image
    DRS WordPerfect Display Resource file
    DRV Device Driver
    DRW Lotus Freelance Image
    DSC Oracle Discard file
    DSD Database file
    DSK Borland C++/Turbo Pascal Project Desktop file
    DSM Dynamic Studio music module
    DSM Digital Sound Module
    DSN ODBC Data source
    DSP Microsoft Developer Studio project
    DSQ Corel QUERY
    DSR Visual Basic Active designer file
    DSW Borland C++ Desktop settings
    DSW Microsoft Developer Studio workspace file
    DSX Visual Basic Active designer binary file
    DTA Turbo C++ Datafile
    DUN Microsoft Dial-up Networking Export file
    DUP Duplicate Backup
    DV Digital video
    DVC Lotus 1-2-3 Datafile
    DVF Graphics file associated with camcorders
    DVP AutoCAD Device parameter file
    DWF Autodesk Vector graphic
    DWF Drawing Web file
    DWG AutoCAD Drawing
    DXF AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format
    DXF Data Exchange File
    DXR Macromedia Director protected movie file non-editable
    DYN Lotus 1-2-3 Datafile

    ELM Theme-Pack file for Microsoft FrontPage
    EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile
    EML Microsoft Outlook Express mail message
    EMS Enhanced Menu System Configuration file
    EMU Terminal Emulation Data file
    ENC Music file
    ENC Video file
    ENC Encoded file
    END CorelDraw Arrow-Head Definition Table
    ENFF Neutral Format
    ENV WordPerfect Environment file
    EPD Express Publisher Publication file
    EPHTML Enhanced Perl-parsed HTML
    EPI Express Publisher Document file
    EPS Adobe Illustrator Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics
    EPSI Adobe Encapsulated Postscript Interchange
    EQN WordPerfect Equation file
    ERR Visual FoxPro Compilation error file
    ERX ERWin file
    ESH DOS Extended Shell Batch file
    ESL Visual FoxPro Distributable support library file
    ESPS ESPS audio file
    EVT Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 Event Log
    EVY WordPerfect Document
    EWL Microsoft Encarta document
    EXC Microsoft Word Exclusion Dictionary file
    EXE Executable file

    F FORTRAN file
    FAC Face graphic
    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions document
    FAR Music module
    FAS Basic module file
    FAV Outlook Navigation bar
    FCD Virtual CD-ROM file
    FCM Binary file patch
    FD FORTRAN Declaration file
    FDF Adobe Acrobat Forms Document
    FFA MS find fast file
    FFT Final Form Text
    FFX MS fast find file
    FI FORTRAN File Interface
    FIF Fractal Image
    FIT Windows NT File index table
    FLA Macromedia Flash Movie
    FLC AutoDesk FLIC animation
    FLL Distributable dynamic link library
    FLM AutoCAD Film Roll
    FLT Microsoft Graphics filter
    FM Adobe FrameMaker Document
    FMB WordPerfect File Manager button bar
    FMO Compiled format
    FMT Microsoft Schedule+ Print file
    FOR FORTRAN source code
    FP FoxPro Configuration file
    FPC FoxPro Catalog file
    FPT FileMaker Pro file
    FRM Symbol Report
    FRO Compiled report
    FRP Form
    FRS Wordperfect Screen Font Resource
    FRX Visual Basic Form stash file
    FRX Microsoft FoxPro Report
    FXP FoxPro Compiled source code

    GDB InterBase Database file
    GED Graphic Environment Document
    GED Graphics editor native format
    GLY Microsoft Word Glossary
    GRP Microsoft Program Manager Group
    GRP Pictures group
    GRY Raw graphic
    GWP Greetings WorkShop file

    H C and C++ Program header
    H++ C++ Header file
    HDX AutoCAD Help index
    HH C++ Header file
    HHH Precompiled header
    HLP Help file
    HPF Hotline Partial downloaded file
    HPG AutoCAD HPGL Plotter vector graphics
    HPJ Visual Basic Help Project file
    HPP C++ Program header
    HST History file
    HTM A Web page file containing Hypertext Markup Language
    HTML A Web page file containing Hypertext Markup Language
    HTT Microsoft Hypertext template
    HXX C++ Header file
    HYC Microsoft WordPerfect Datafile

    I Borland C++ Intermediate file
    ICA Citrix file
    ICA Image Object Content Architecture Bitmap graphic
    ICB Targa bitmap
    ICL Icon Library
    ICM Image Color Matching profile
    ICN Icon source code
    ICO Icon
    ICS Scene file
    ID Disk identification file
    IDB Microsoft Developer Intermediate file
    IDD MIDI Instrument Definition
    IDE Borland C++ v4.5 Project file
    IDF MIDI Instrument Definition
    IDIF Netscape saved address book Identification file
    IDQ Internet Data Query
    IDW IntelliDraw Vector graphic
    IDX Microsoft FoxPro Relational database index
    IDX Microsoft Outlook Express file
    IDX Index file
    IFF Interchange file
    IFO Digital Video Disk (DVD) datafile
    IIF QuickBooks for Windows Interchange file
    IIM Music module
    IND Index dBase IV
    IND Shared Database file
    INF Information file
    INF Install script
    INI Initialization file
    INI Setup file
    INK CorelDRAW Pantone reference fills file
    INL Microsoft Visual C++ Inline function file
    INS Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows Datafile
    INT Borland Interfaced units
    IRS Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows Resource file
    ISO International Standards Organization table ISO9660 CD-ROM file system standard
    IST Instrument file
    ISU InstallShield Uninstall script
    IV Open Inventor file
    IWA IBM Writing Assistant Text file
    IWC Install Watch document
    IWM Start file
    IWP Text file

    JAR Java Archive a compressed file for applets and related files
    JAS Graphic
    JAVA Java Source code
    JBD Datafile
    JBF Paint Shop Pro Image browser file
    JBX Project file
    JFF JPEG image
    JFIF JPEG image
    JIF JPEG image
    JPE JPEG image
    JPEG JPEG image
    JPG JPEG image
    JS JavaScript source code
    JSP An HTML page similar to an ASP page using Java
    JTF JPEG bitmap

    KEY Keyboard Macro
    KEY Security file
    KFX Image
    KIZ Digital postcard

    LAB Microsoft Excel Mailing labels
    LBT Microsoft FoxPro Labels
    LBX Labels
    LCL FTP Datafile
    LDB Microsoft Access Lock file
    LGC Application log file
    LGD Application log file
    LGO Logo file
    LGO Startup logo
    LIB Library file
    LIF Logical Interchange data
    LIF Compressed archive
    LIM Compressed archive
    LIN Line type file
    LIX Logos library system file
    LKO Microsoft Outlook Express Linked object
    LL3 LapLink III Document file
    LLX Laplink Exchange agent
    LNK Shortcut file
    LNK Linker response file
    LNK Datafile
    LOD Load file
    LOG Log file
    LOK Compressed file
    LRC Intel Video phone file
    LRF Microsoft C/C++ Linker response file
    LRS Language resource file
    LSF Logos library system file
    LSL Saved library
    LSL Script library
    LSP AutoLISP, CommonLISP, and other LISP language files
    LSS Spreadsheet
    LST List file
    LST Keyboard macro
    LST Spool file
    LTM Form
    LU Library unit file
    LWD Text document
    LWF Wavelet graphics file
    LWLO Layered Object file
    LWOB Object file
    LWP Wordpro 96/97 file
    LWSC Scene file
    LWZ Linguistically enhanced sound file
    LYR Layer file
    LZD Difference file for binaries
    LZH Compressed archive
    LZS Compressed archive
    LZS Data file
    LZW Compressed Amiga archive
    LZX Compressed archive

    M Program file
    M Macro module
    M Standard package
    M11 Text file
    M1V MPEG-related file
    M3U MPEG URL MP3 Playlist
    MAC Macro
    MAD Microsoft Access Module
    MAF Microsoft Access Form
    MAK Visual Basic or Microsoft C++ Project
    MAK Makefile
    MAM Microsoft Access Macro
    MAP Map file
    MAQ Microsoft Access Query
    MAR Microsoft Access Report
    MAT Microsoft Access Table
    MAUD Sample format
    MAX Kinetix 3D Studio Max 3D scene
    MBK Multiple index archive (dBase IV)
    MBX Microsoft Outlook saved email
    MCI Media Control Interface Command script
    MD Compressed archive
    MDA Microsoft Access Add-in file
    MDB Microsoft Access Database
    MDE Microsoft Access MDE file
    MDL Music module
    MDL Model
    MDL Quake Model file
    MDM Modem definition
    MDN Microsoft Access Blank database template
    MDT Data table
    MDT Microsoft Access Add-in file
    MDW Microsoft Access Workgroup
    MDX Multiple index file (dBase IV)
    MDZ Microsoft Access Wizard template
    ME ASCII text document
    MEM Microsoft FoxPro Memory variable save file
    MES Message file
    MET Presentation Manager metafile
    MET OmniPage Pro Document file
    MI Miscellaneous file
    MIC Microsoft Image Composer file
    MID MIDI music file
    MIF Adobe FrameMaker Interchange format
    MIFF Machine Independent File
    MIM Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) format
    MIME Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions
    MIX Power C Object file
    MIX Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Picture file
    MIX Microsoft Picture-It! Picture file
    MJF Audio file similar to MP3
    MK Makefile
    MKE Microsoft Windows SDK Makefile
    MMC Microsoft Clip Gallery 5.x Catalog file
    MME Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) format
    MMF Meal Master Format, a recipe catologing format
    MMF Microsoft Mail file
    MMF Microsoft Mail message file
    MMM Microsoft Multimedia movie
    MMM Multimedia movie
    MND AutoCAD Menu Compiler Menu source
    MNG Multi-image Network Graphics
    MNT Microsoft FoxPro Menu file
    MNU Visual dBase Menu file
    MNU AutoCAD Menu Compiler Menu
    MNU Norton Commander Menu
    MNX Microsoft FoxPro Menu
    MNX AutoCAD Compiled menu
    MNY Microsoft Money Account book
    MOB PEN for Windows Device definition
    MOD Microsoft Windows 9.x Kernel module
    MON Monitor description
    MOV QuickTime for Microsoft Windows Movie
    MOZ Zipped mod file
    MP2 MPEG Audio Layer 2 file
    MP3 MPEG Audio Layer 3 (AC3) file
    MPA MPEG-related file
    MPC Microsoft Project Calendar file
    MPD Microsoft Project Database file
    MPE MPEG animation
    MPEG MPEG animation
    MPG MPEG animation
    MPP Microsoft Project file
    MPP Drawing file
    MPR Microsoft FoxPro Menus
    MPT Multipage TIFF Bitmap graphics
    MPV Microsoft Project View file
    MPX Microsoft FoxPro Compiled menu program
    MPX Microsoft Project Exchange file
    MRB Microsoft C/C++ Multiple resolution bitmap graphics
    MSC Microsoft C Makefile
    MSC Microsoft Windows 2000 Common console document
    MSD Microsoft MSD Diagnostics report file
    MSDL Scene Description Language
    MSG Microsoft Mail message
    MSI Microsoft Windows Installer package
    MSN Microsoft Network document
    MSP Microsoft Paint bitmap
    MSP Windows Installer patch file
    MST Windows Installer transform
    MST Minispecification file
    MST Microsoft SDK Setup script
    MSW Microsoft Word Text file
    MSX Compressed CP/M archive
    MTH Math file
    MTM Music module
    MTW Minitab Datafile
    MTX Twain device driver
    MU Quattro Pro Menu
    MUS Music
    MV Miva Server-side script file
    MVB Microsoft Multimedia Viewer file
    MVF AutoCAD-AutoFlix Stop frame file
    MVI AutoCAD-AutoFlix Movie command file
    MVW Log file
    MWF ProMotion Animation
    MWP Lotus WordPro 97 Smartmaster file
    MXT Microsoft C Datafile

    NCB Microsoft Developer Studio file
    NCD Norton Change directory
    NCF Netware Command File
    NCF Lotus Notes Internal clipboard
    NDB Intellicom Network database
    NDX Index file (dBase II-III-IV)
    NES Nintendo Emulator ROMS for game console
    NET Network configuration file
    netCDF Network Common Data Form
    NEW New info
    NEZ Nintendo Emulator file
    NFF Neutral File Format
    NFO Info file database text
    NFT Netobject Fusion Template file
    NLB Oracle 7 Data
    NLM Netware Loadable Module
    NOD Netobject Fusion File
    NRG Nero Image file
    NSF Lotus Notes Database
    NSO NetObject Fusion Document file
    NST Music module
    NT Microsoft Windows NT Startup files
    NTF Lotus Notes Database template
    NTR Executable ASCII text file
    NTS Executable ASCII text file

    O Object file (Unix)
    OBD Microsoft Office Binder template
    OBD Microsoft Office Binder
    OBJ Object file
    OBR Borland C++ Object browser data file
    OBS Script
    OBV Visual interface
    OBZ Microsoft Office Binder Wizard
    OCF Object craft file
    ODL Visual C++ Type library source
    ODS Microsoft Outlook Express Mailbox file
    OFD Form definition
    OFF 3D Mesh Object File
    OFN Microsoft Office FileNew file
    OFT Microsoft Outlook Template
    OLB Microsoft Object Library (OLE)
    OLB Object library
    OLD Backup file
    OLE Object Linking and Embedding object
    OLE Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
    OLI Text file
    OO1 Voice file
    OOGL Object Oriented Graphics Library
    OOM Swap file
    OPJ Project file
    OPT Microsoft Developer Studio file
    OPX Extension DLL
    ORA Oracle Parameter file
    ORC Oracle 7 Script
    OSS Microsoft Office Search file
    OST Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Offline file
    OUT Microsoft C Output file

    P Pascal Source code
    PAB Microsoft Personal Address Book
    PAC Package file
    PAK Compressed archive
    PAK Quake WAD file
    PAL A compressed file
    PAL Microsoft Color palette
    PAN CorelDRAW Printer specific file
    PAR Microsoft Windows 3.x Permanent output file
    PAS Borland Pascal Source code file
    PAT DataCAD Hatch pattern file
    PAT CorelDRAW Pattern file
    PB WinFax Pro Phone book
    PBI Profiler binary input file
    PBK Microsoft Phonebook
    PC Text file
    PCD Kodak Photo-CD Image
    PCE Maps Eudora mailbox names to DOS filenames
    PCF Profiler command file
    PCH Patch file
    PCH Microsoft C/C++ Precompiled header file
    PCI Microsoft Windows System file PCI Miniport file
    PCJ Multimedia authoring tool graphics
    PCK Turbo Pascal Pickfile
    PCL Printer Control Language file
    PCM Audio file
    PCS Animation
    PCS Microsoft Picture storage file
    PDA Bitmap graphics
    PDB Data file
    PDB 3Com PalmPilot Database file
    PDD Paint Shop Pro and Adobe PhotoDeluxe Image file
    PDF Adobe Acrobat Portable Document file
    PDL Borland C/C++ Project description language file
    PDM Physical model file
    PDP Print Shop Deluxe file
    PDQ Flowcharting PDQ Lite file
    PDW Professional Draw Document
    PE3 Ulead PhotoImpact Image archive file
    PE4 Ulead PhotoImpact v.4 Image archive file
    PFC AOL Personal filing cabinet file
    PFF Paraform file for 3D modeling
    PFK Programmable function keys
    PFM Microsoft Printer Font Metrics
    PFS Database text file
    PFT Printer font
    PGM Portable Graymap bitmap
    PH Perl header file
    PH Microsoft C/C++ Phrase-table
    PHP HTML page that includes a PHP script
    PHP3 HTML page that includes a PHP script
    PHTML Perl-Parsed HTML
    PIC PC Paint Bitmap
    PIF PIF drawing
    PIX Bitmap image file
    PJT Microsoft Visual FoxPro memo file
    PJT Microsoft Visual Foxpro Project
    PJX Microsoft Visual FoxPro project file
    PKG Microsoft Developer Studio application extension
    PL Perl Source code file
    PLB Microsoft FoxPro Library file
    PLC Lotus 1-2-3 Add-in file
    PLI Oracle 7 Data description file
    PLN WordPerfect for Windows Spreadsheet
    PLS MPEG PLayList file used by WinAmp
    PLT Drawing HPGL Plotter
    PLT AutoCAD Plot drawing
    PLT Palette
    PM Perl Module
    PNG Paint Shop Pro Browser catalogue
    PNG MacroMedia FireWorks Bitmap file
    POL Windows NT Policy file
    POP PopMail Message index
    POT Microsoft PowerPoint template
    PPA Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in
    PPB WordPerfect for Windows Button bar for print preview
    PPD Adobe Acrobat v.4.0 PostScript Printer definition file specification
    PPI Microsoft PowerPoint Graphics file
    PPM Portable Pixelmap bitmap
    PPS Microsoft PowerPoint slide show
    PPT Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
    PQB PowerQuest BootMagic Master boot backup file
    PQI PowerQuest Drive image file
    PRC 3com PalmPilot Resource file
    PRD Printer driver
    PRE Lotus Freelance Presentation
    PRE Programmer's WorkBench Settings
    PRE Microsoft C/C++ Settings
    PRF Microsoft Windows System file
    PRF Macromedia Director Settings file
    PRG dBase IV and Microsoft FoxPro Program source files
    PRN DataCAD Windows Printer file
    PRN Printer driver
    PRN Lotus 1-2-3-Symphony Text file
    PRO Source code file
    PRO Configuration file
    PRT A print-formatted file
    PRX Microsoft FoxPro Compiled program
    PRZ Lotus Freelance 97 Graphics file
    PSD Adobe Photoshop Bitmap
    PSE IBM printer Page Segment Bitmap graphics
    PSM Turbo Pascal Symbol table of IDE
    PSP PaintShop Pro Image file
    PST Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder File
    PUB Microsoft Publisher Document
    PWD Microsoft Pocket Word document
    PWL Microsoft Windows 9.x Password list file
    PWZ Microsoft PowerPoint wizard
    PXL Microsoft Pocket Excel spreadsheet
    PY YAHOO Saved emessages
    PY Python Script file
    PYC Python Compiled script file

    QAG Norton Desktop Quick Access Group data file
    QAP Omnis Quartz Application file
    QBE dBase IV Saved query
    QBE Quattro Pro Saved Query
    QBO dBase IV Compiled query
    QBS Microsoft QuickBasic Program file
    QBW QuickBooks for Windows Spreadsheet data
    QCP Qualcomm Pure Voice Voice file
    QDF Quicken Data file
    QEF Microsoft Excel Query file
    QEL Quicken Electronic library file
    QIC Microsoft Backup file
    QIF QuickTime Image
    QIF QuickTime Import file
    QLB Microsoft C/C++ Library file
    QLC Data
    QLP QuickLink Printer driver
    QM Quality Motion file
    QPR Microsoft FoxPro Generated query program
    QPX Microsoft FoxPro Compiled query program
    QRY Microsoft Query
    QRY dBase IV Query
    QSD Quicken Datafile
    QT QuickTime Movie file
    QTI QuickTime Image file
    QTIF QuickTime Image file
    QTM QuickTime Movie file
    QTP QuickTime Preferences file
    QTS QuickTime Image file
    QTX QuickTime Image file
    QW Symantec Q&A Write program file
    QWK QWK Reader Message file
    QXD Quark Xpress Data file
    QXL Quark Xpress Element library
    QXT Quark Xpress Template file

    R FORTRAN Preprocessor Ratfor file
    R Pegasus Mail Resource file
    RA RealAudio Sound file
    RAM RealAudio Metafile
    RAW Raw File Format bitmap
    RC Micosoft C/C++ Resource script
    RC Borland C++ Resource script
    RCG Netscape Newsgroup file
    RDF Resource Description Framework file
    RDF Research document information format
    RDI Device-independent bitmap file
    REF Reference file
    REG Registration file
    REM Remarks file
    REP Visual dBase Report file
    REQ Request file
    RES Microsoft Visual C++ Resource file
    RES Borland C++ Compiled resource file
    RES dBase IV Resource file
    REX Oracle Report definition
    REZ Resource file
    RF Sun Raster graphics file
    RGB, SGI Silicon Graphics RGB files
    RH Borland C++ 4.5 Resource header file
    RI Lotus 1-2-3 Data file
    RIF Metacreations Painter 5 Image file
    RIP Graphics
    RM RealAudio Video file
    RMF Beatnik Rich music format
    RMI MIDI music
    RND AutoCAD-AutoShade Rendering slide
    ROM Cartridge-based home video game emulator file
    RPM RedHat Linux Package Manager
    RPT Crystal Reports file a sub-set of Microsoft Visual Basic
    RSC Resource file
    RSP Response file
    RTF Microsoft Windows 9.x Help file script
    RTL Text file
    RTS RealAudio RTSL document
    RUL Extension used in InstallShield
    RVP Microsoft Scan Configuration file
    RVW Review file
    RWS Borland C++ Resource Workshop data file
    RWX RenderWare Script file

    S Unix Assembler source code
    SAV Saved game file
    SAV Backup file
    SAV Configuration file
    SBI SoundBlaster Instrument file
    SBL ShockWave Flash object
    SC2 Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0 file
    SCA Datafile
    SCC Microsoft Source Safe file
    SCC Text file
    SCD Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0 Datafile
    SCF Microsoft Windows Explorer Command file
    SCH Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0 Datafile
    SCI System configuration information file
    SCM Scheme source code file
    SCM Video game console ROM emulater file
    SCO High score file
    SCR Microsoft Windows 9.x Screensaver file
    SCV CASmate Native format
    SCX Microsoft FoxPro forms
    SCX Microsoft FoxPro Screen file
    SEC PGP Secret key ring file
    SES Cool Edit Session file
    SET Setup option file
    SET Quartet Voice set files
    SEW Sewing program file
    SGF Sonique Graphics file
    SGI Silicon Graphics Graphics file
    SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language
    SGT Save/Get keyboard macro
    SH Unix Shell script
    SH Unix/SHAR ASCii archive
    SHB Document shortcut file
    SHP AutoCAD Source code and shape file for text fonts
    SHTML SSI HTML file containing Server Side Includes
    SHW WordPerfect for Windows Slide Show
    SHX AutoCAD Shape entities
    SIF Microsoft Windows NT Setup installation files
    SIG PopMail Signature file
    SIG Current program settings
    SIK Microsoft Word for Windows Backup files
    SIZ Oracle 7 Configuration file
    SKA PGP Secret Keyring file
    SKF AutoSketch Drawing file
    SKL Macromedia Director Resource file
    SLB AutoCAD Slide Library File
    SLD AutoCAD Slide File
    SLL Generic Sound data file
    SND Sound resource
    SNM Netscape Mailbox
    SOM Quattro Pro Network serial numbers
    SPC WordPerfect for Windows Temporary file
    SPL ShockWave Flash Object file
    SPL Sample file
    SPM WordPerfect for Windows Data file
    SPR Microsoft FoxPro Generated screen program
    SPR Image layering and resizing Sprite
    SPRITE Bitmap file
    SPX Microsoft FoxPro Compiled screen program
    SQC Structured Query Language (SQL) common code file
    SQL SQL queries
    SQR Structured Query Language (SQL) program file
    SQZ Compressed archive
    SRF Sun Raster graphics file
    SRM Video game console ROM emulator file
    SRZ Source file
    STR Screensaver file
    STR dBase IV Application Generator Structure list OBJ file
    STS Microsoft C/C++ Project status information file
    STW Data file
    SUM Summary file
    SUN Sun Rasterfile graphics
    SUP WordPerfect for Windows Supplementary dictionary files
    SVD WordPerfect for Windows Autosave file for document
    SVF Simple Vector Format 2D image
    SVG Adobe Scalable vector graphics file
    SVP Sonique Graphics file
    SVS WordPerfect for Windows Autosave file for style sheet
    SWA Shockwave audio file in Macromedia Director
    SWF ShockWave Flash Object
    SWP DataCAD Swap file
    SYM Borland C++ Precompiled header file
    SYS System file Device driver or hardware configuration file
    SYW Yamaha SV-series Wave file

    TAG Query tag name file
    TAH Borland C++ Turbo assembler help file
    TBK dBase IV Memo backup file
    TBK Microsoft FoxPro Memo backup file
    TBS Microsoft Word for Windows Text elements
    TC Turbo C Configuration file
    TC Borland C++ Configuration file
    TCH Borland C++ Turbo C Help file
    TCW TurboCAD for Windows Drawing file
    TEM Borland C++ Turbo Editor Macro Language script
    TEX Texture file
    TGA Adobe Acrobat Targa bitmap
    THEME Microsoft Windows 9.x Desktop theme
    THM Microsoft Clip Gallery v.1.x Thumbnail image file
    THN Thumbnail
    THS WordPerfect for Windows Thesaurus dictionary
    TIF Tag image bitmap file (TIFF)
    TIFF Tag image bitmap file
    TLB Microsoft OLE type library files
    TLB Visual C++ Type library
    TLP Microsoft Project Project timeline file
    TMF WordPerfect for Windows Tagged font metric file
    TMP Microsoft Windows Temporary file
    TMS Script file
    TNV BitWare Data file
    TOC Eudora Mailbox Table of contents file
    TP Turbo Pascal Configuration file
    TP Turbo Profiler Sesson-state file
    TPH Turbo Pascal Help file
    TPL Turbo Pascal Residents units library
    TPP Borland Pascal 7.0 Protected mode units
    TPU Turbo Pascal Turbo Pascal Unit
    TPW Turbo Pascal for Windows 9.x Unit
    TPX ULead Photo Express Image file
    TPZ TAR Compressed archive
    TPZ Compressed archive
    TRE Directory tree file
    TRM Terminal file
    TRN Quattro Pro Translation support file
    TST WordPerfect for Windows Printer test file
    TTF TrueType font
    TTK Translation tool kit file
    TVF dBase IV Table view settings
    TXF TAR Compressed archive
    TXT ASCII text-formatted data
    TZB Compressed archive

    UDF Microsoft Windows NT Unique Database
    UFO Ulead Object file
    UG AutoCAD and others Drawing file
    ULT Music module
    UMB MemMaker Backup file
    UNI UniMod music module
    UPD Updated program data
    UPD Updated program data
    UPI ULead Photo Impact Program file
    UPO Compiled updated datafile
    UPX ULead Photo Process Saved Image file
    USR Turbo C++ User database file

    VAL Values list object file
    VAN VistaPro Animation file
    VBA VBase file
    VBP Microsoft Visual Basic Project file
    VBR Microsoft Visual Basic Remote automated registration file
    VBS Microsoft Visual Basic Script file
    VBW Microsoft Visual Basic Workspace file
    VBX Microsoft Visual Basic Custom control file
    VBX Microsoft Visual Basic Visual basic extension
    VC VisaCalc Spreadsheet
    VCE Cool Edit Unformatted voice file
    VCF Netscape Virtual card file
    VCT Microsoft FoxPro Class library
    VCW Microsoft Visual C++ Visual workbench information file
    VCX Microsoft FoxPro Class library
    VDA Targa bitmap
    VDA Graphics image
    VID Microsoft Word Screen device driver
    VIK Viking Graphics Image
    VIR File identified as a virus-infected file
    VIS Graphics image file
    VIV VivoActive Streaming video file
    VLB Library file
    VMC Adobe Acrobat Reader Virtual memory configuration file
    VML Microsoft Office 2000 Vector markup language
    VMS Text file with vms specific information
    VOB Encrypted video and audio files used on current DVD's (Digital Video Disk)
    VOC Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audio file
    VRF Oracle 7 Configuration file
    VRM Quattro Pro Overlay file
    VRML A VRML file
    VSN A Windows 9x/NT ViruSafe version file
    VST Targa bitmap
    VUE 3D Studio Animation file
    VUE dBase IV View file
    VUE Microsoft FoxPro View file
    VWR File viewer
    VXD Microsoft Windows 9.x Virtual device driver

    WAB Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express Outlook file
    WAV Microsoft Windows Waveform sound
    WB1 QuattroPro for Windows Notebook
    WB2 QuattroPro for Windows Spreadsheet
    WB3 QuattroPro for Windows Text file
    WBC Webshots Image file
    WBF Microsoft Windows 9.x Batch file
    WBK Microsoft Word for Windows Backup file
    WCD WordPerfect for Windows Macro token list file
    WCM WordPerfect fdor Windows Macro
    WCM Microsoft Works Data transmission file
    WCP WordPerfect for Windows Product information description file
    WDB Microsoft Works Database file
    WEB Web source code file
    WFM Virtual dBase Windows form
    WI Corel Wavelet compressed bitmap
    WIM Wireless identity module
    WIN Microsoft FoxPro Window file
    WIN dBase Window file
    WIZ Microsoft Word Wizard file
    WIZ Microsoft Publisher Page wizard
    WKB WordPerfect for Windows Document file
    WKE Lotus 1-2-3 Educational version Spreadsheet
    WKQ Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
    WKS Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet spreadsheet
    WKS Microsoft Works Document
    WLL Microsoft Add-In file
    WMA Audio file in Microsoft Windows Media format
    WMC MathCAD for Windows Backup files for startup
    WMC WordPerfect for Windows Macro file
    WMF Microsoft Windows Metafile
    WP WordPerfect for Windows Document file
    WP4 WordPerfect for Windows 4.0 Document
    WP5 WordPerfect for Windows 5.0 Document
    WP6 WordPerfect for Windows 6.0 Document
    WPD WordPerfect for Windows ALL Demo file
    WPD WordPerfect for Windows Document
    WPF WordPerfect for Windows Form file
    WPG Microsoft Word for Windows vector graphics
    WPG Microsoft Word for Windows Graphics file
    WPK Microsoft Word for Windows Macro
    WPM Microsoft Word for Windows Macro
    WPS Microsoft Works Text document
    WPT Microsoft Word for Windows Template
    WPW PerfectWorks document
    WQ! QuattroPro Compressed spreadsheet
    WQ1 QuattroPro/DOS Spreadsheet
    WQ2 QuattroPro version 5 Spreadsheet
    WR1 Lotus Symphony file
    WRG ReGet document
    WRK CakeWalk Music Audio Project file
    WRS Microsoft Word for Windows Resource file
    WRZ Another VRML fileject
    WS WordStar Text file
    WSD WordStar for Windows 2000 Document
    WSP Fortran PowerStation WorkSpace file
    WST WordStar for Windows Document
    WSZ WinAmp Skin
    WTA Used by wireless telephony applications
    WVL Wavelet Compressed Bitmap
    WVW PDF format Interleaf WorldView format
    WWB WordPerfect for Windows Button bar for document window
    WWK WordPerfect for Windows Keyboard layout file
    WWL Microsoft Word Add-in file
    WXP EXP for Microsoft Windows Document file

    X AVS image
    X Source code file
    XAR Corel Xara drawing
    XDL XML Schema file
    XHTML eXtensible hypertext markup language
    XLA Microsoft Excel Add-in file
    XLB Microsoft Excel Toolbar file
    XLB Microsoft Excel Datafile
    XLC Microsoft Excel Chart file
    XLD Microsoft Excel Dialogue file
    XLK Microsoft Excel Backup file
    XLL Microsoft Excel Add-in file
    XLL Microsoft Excel Dynamic link library
    XLM Microsoft Excel Macro file
    XLS Microsoft Excel Worksheet file
    XLT Microsoft Excel Template file
    XLT Lotus 1-2-3 Translation table
    XLV Microsoft Excel VBA module
    XLW Microsoft Excel Workbook
    XML eXtensible markup language
    XNF Network file
    XNK Microsoft Exchange Shortcut file
    XRF Cross-reference file


    Z Unix file Compressed
    ZAP Microsoft Windows Software installation settings file
    ZIP Zip file Compressed archive
    ZOM Compressed Amiga archive
    ZOO An early compressed file format
    ZVD Voice file
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