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Discussion in 'QnA (read only)' started by Digitall Charisma, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. Broadband can be very useful as well as entertaining. “Streaming video� is what I mean. Now here’s my problem:~

    I clicked on a link which opens up Windows Media Player to play the video. Like any other clip it takes some seconds to load, get buffered and then played. Normally (in case of others) it gets saved in the browser’s cache. I’m running IE 6 so it should get saved in “Temporary Internet Files�. But this clip which I clicked on to view does not get saved(downloaded) in my browser cache. So every time you want to replay it, it again connects to the server and the whole process is repeated not to mention the loss in bandwidth, time and download limit.
    Furthermore when you see its properties in WMP you will find it is not in the form of some common format but in the form of “.wvx�, a Windows Media playlist.
    I want to download this clip on my computer so that I can view it in my free time. Please give me suggestions/solutions to get the job done.

    Digitall Charisma
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    You've forgotten the possibility that probably the website doesnt want you to save it on your comp !!
    and that's exactly so.

    other than that .. you can take a look here
    (just a simple google search)

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