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  1. D

    Enquiry about JAVA,CSS,XHTML,PHP books for BEGINNER.

    Hello guys. Am trying to learn Web Designing of my own with the help of Tutorials and Books. It's just a hobby. I learned some Basics about XHTML and CSS. Now I have few months so thinking to learn JAVA, PHP and wanna revise XHTML and CSS too. Suggest me some Freeware good books for Beginners...
  2. speedyguy

    xhtml help

    i need to write an xhtml code with a paragraph where i need to assign colors based on their words. for example, all prepositions with color red. how do i do that? now what i know is, i can use css to assign colors, or use javascript to pass events. but how do i put up an if for a particular...
  3. Rajneesh

    what should i learn to be a web developer? Plz help

    Hi friends I want to be a professional web developer. I am absolute beginner in this field. I learned only HTML, (XHTML). I searched the net for what languages and software I should learn and found.. (1) (X)HTML (2) CSS (3) PHP (4) MYSQL (5) JAVA SCRIPT And adobe...
  4. shri

    Help needed in choosing xHTML book

    Hi. Suggest one of the following books or any good ones that you have read/know about. I'm a novice with some background in HTML. Which is your choice? 1. Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML by Elisabeth Freeman & Eric Freeman 2. HTML, XHTML, & CSS, Sixth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide by...
  5. eagle_y2j

    what languages should i learn?

    Hey everyone, I m new to programming. I have dabbled in XHTML and CSS previously, for recreational uses, but recently decided to dive into programming as a career, and joined BCA and I am halfway through the WROX book "Web Programming with HTML, XHTML and CSS" and i want to know where to go...
  6. S

    InValid xHTML

    Well i was trying to get my blog Valid xHTML but it shows some errors and warnings. Most of them i have done away but the errors and warning which it is showing now, r in the source codes of various affiliates and services which i just copied and pasted on my blog. So wat to do now?? How to do...
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