Enemy Territory - Quake Wars

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very late there are almost no news and previws avilable as of now and ya will be quieta system hooger death virus


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Kindly search before posting. We already have a thread running on Quake IV. FYI, its not only ET:QW that will feature outdoor environments, but Quake IV will as well, with vehicles to boot. Nobody doubts that the D3 engine can render outdoor environs nicely any more, but how well it does the job, remains to be seen. The game sort of looks like Quake meets Call of Duty, (even Quake 4 from the GameSpot gameplay video release) and will be purely online and will feature the time that the Strogg invasion of Earth began, providing the back story for Quake II and Quake IV. For more information, visit www.enemyterritory.com

Also, please do not post obscure thread names. I've renamed this thread to reflect its contents.


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If your system could run Doom 3, it will very well run Quake 4 and Enemy Territory - that was the official word from id. Yes, it will be a system hog, but similar to Doom 3. I think the D3 engine is doing a good job of rendering outdoor environments with Quake 4.
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