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Email from Yahoo! and AOL will be CHARGED

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Yes! people if you thought Yahoo! Mail / AOL was the best; now think again both these companies have planned to charge a nomial fee for the correct email delivery. Paid-email customers will get their mails in a more speedy manner compared to a second set of consumers will have to endure lost or late mail coming to their respective accounts as a result of this paid service.

AOL is set to roll out this service in the second quarter in USA and Canada and then followed by Britain. Yahoo to follow soon.

Now you may ask how is this justified? The spokeperson from the company says "We want e-mails sent using the technology to have a stamp of authentication, so that consumers know that an e-mail that appears to be from a bank really is from that bank. We think that will help cut down on spam, but we don’t want consumers to pay any extra". (AOL)

Now people shift some other alternative like Gmail (2 GB and growing) with over 5 million and expanding; mail.com or others; No way hotmail ( 5 MB, 25MB, 250MB[USA mainly])

The best option go for Gmail. They are also introducing a new chat service call Gmail talk. Check out the thread from godsownman

To read more goto Times Newspapers Ltd.

News courtesy of Times Newspapers Ltd.


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they are digging a grave for themselves .. both yahoo n aol .. who would pay for "correct email delivery" ?? lmao. i will stick with gmail for now .. atleast until windows live mail becomes open for all.


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think so HOTMAIL is also joining the CLUB ...

many of my mails also dont get delivered ...



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i dont think Yahoo would make that kind of an mistake, i dont think the AOL problem is actually a problem because from wat i have seen, AOL is not that widespread, G-mail on the other hand is gaining popularity every day, it may one day replace Yahoo or Hotmail.


from the report i believe its is only for companies and not for common users. companies anyway do not use yahoo!!


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The problem of improper email delivery is with aol and yahoo only. Various times it happens to me that, I request forgot password feature from any site and it takes ages to arrive to my mailbox, and sometimes it never reaches me.


i dont any thing is going to happen...and if it happens yahoo & aol will no more be the popular emai provider....
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"two of the world’s biggest e-mail providers, are to charge companies to ensure that their e-mails reach consumers — even if spam filters are turned on.

They never said anything about degradation of exisiting account or speed.

The problem here is not the account , the problem is how spam / emarketing companies will use this feature.


iinfi said:
from the report i believe its is only for companies and not for common users. companies anyway do not use yahoo!!
iinfi is right,this feature is for companies and not for aam janta :)
this is useful if u run a company which sends lots of emails to customers and dont want their emails to end up in the " spam " folder.paying a fee ensures that these emails bypass the existing spam filters.

the logic behind this is that this feature would be used only by genuine corporate companies and thus would strengthen spam filtering capability and of course earning yahoo and aol a few more dollars !! :)


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read the times article guys. i think it implies that it's only for corporate users. with the new yahoo mail, which is now in beta stage, they wont switch to becoming a paid service.


Ya guys ...I read the Times of India article on this subject n it was written there that Yahoo and AOL are gettin paid for companies as this move will deter spammers and on the other hand will ensure that genuine mails from companies are delivered to the intended end-user. This way....it turns out to be gud 4 the users - us.

But if they are plannin to make it a paid service not only for companies but for individulals like us then it surely ain't a smart move....afterall, Gmail is gainin aceptance day-by-day. So, how can they even afford to get paid!!


Email from Yahoo! and AOL will be CHARGED [update 1]

[update 1]

there seems to be sum problems eruptin' aftr Yahoo & Aol wanted to go ahead with their plans of charging 4 ther emails.

A group of non-profit and public interest groups is beginning a campaign to protest plans by America Online and Yahoo, which each offer e-mail services, to charge high-volume senders of e-mail fees to guarantee preferred delivery of their messages. It seems that they are working with Goodmail, a Silicon Valley company, which plans to charge between a quarter-cent and a cent for each message.

The campaign is being organised by MoveOn.org, a liberal advocacy group that uses its list of 3 million e-mail addresses to influence public opinion and raise money, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an Internet civil liberties group. They have enlisted about 50 other supporters including the Gun Owners of America, the Democratic National Committee and the National Humane Society. The groups have set up a Website (www.dearaol.com) which will have an online petition users can sign asking AOL to change its policy.

source NY Times

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it is very hard to change ur primary email address... i have my in Yahoo... & yes i am using it for many many years... & its important to me... if this thing happens... then to just sale their service they will intaintionaly delay the free emails...

:evil: :evil:
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