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Hey guys,

Currently I have a 17" viewsonic monitor that runs at 1440x900 resolution with my current PC specs (listed below) I get pretty good fps (50-60) on many latest (Splinter Cell Blacklist, BF3) titles at very high-max settings.

However due to some hardware related issue I have to replace my monitor... I am considering a Dell 20" monitor that is native at 1600x900 resolution. My question is, what kind of frame rate drop will I be looking at? I do want to play the latest titles at high settings at the least. Should I just buy a 18.5" or a 17' instead?

My specs:
AMD Phenom II X4 945 @3.0GHz
8GB RAM @1333mhz
AMD Radeon 7870 GHz Edition with 2GB Vram
Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H motherboard

Could you also pease suggest good value for money monitors around 20" or 17-18" range.



you should drop about 20 percent in fps for higher resolution. you could also run new monitor at 1440x 900 and have same performance.
what's your budget? for gaming 32 inch HDTV is better than 20.inch monitors.


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Hey, so 20% fps loss eh? Guess I'll have to run at 1440x900 only! About my budget, its roughly around 6k. Since the diwali sales are on... I can try to get slightly more costly models. Also I do have a 32" HDTV at home... But I prefer to game on a smaller monitor.

Btw what are your opinions about the. Dell IN2030M ? I'm getting it at around 6.8k and the specs look pretty good.

Thanks again!


Well , the performance dip is gauranteed whenever the image delivery resolution is increased upwards. However , I don't think going to 1600x900 from 1440x900 , will make a significant difference in many games. It should still be playable , if you throw in a bit of tweaking.


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Right now you are getting 50-60 FPS, playable FPS is 30-40 FPS so even if you are upgrading you are safe for now. :)


I suggest going for 24inch full HDTV. I guess they're near 10k now. the reason is, you get vga, hdmi, s video, speakers, remote etc. it's a full set. I'm having a hard time re-using simple monitors because they're just either vga or dvi.

I have used 32 inch full hd as monitor before and it works like a charm.

no, running at non native res won't look THAT worse.. tech has improved these days. you could also go a step down to 720p and bump up antializing and AF. decent fps with quality visual.
good luck.
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