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Earphones Under Rs 1000-1200


Broken In
I am looking to buy durable earphones with good bass under the mentioned price.I will be buying em online so if possible please post the link of the website where i would be able to buy em at cheapest price .I was cosidering Tekfusion Twinwoofers,If any better option is available please mention it .. Thank you .. :)


tekfusion twunwoofers are good...
I have Skullcandy Inked 2, bought it for 1k 2 months ago and it serves me good.


Cyborg Agent
The Philips SHE9700 is better than the Skullcandy Ink'd 2 any day... In fact, comparing both of them together requires an almighty face-palm!!!


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Have been abusing the SHE 9700 since 8 months. Still going strong. Very durable. Oh and did i mention the amazing sound quality. Best i have heard in sub 1.5 k range ( have listened and compared it to creative 630, soundmagic e10, jvc hx 40, brainwavz m5).
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