earphone for w810i


Cyborg Agent
I am looking for a good quality compatible earphone for SE w810i.
Sony world showroom showed me one for rs 2300 !!
Is it so expensive?
As such I don’t want to go for those duplicate earphones available for rs 200.


Broken In
Dont buy Sony Ericsson earphones as they wud be useless when u buy a new phone. Instead, buy SoundMagic P11 (available for Rs.550) or P21, or Creative EP630 (Rs. 600, low amt of bass). Even other original SE earphones (with a 3.5mm jack) are available at low prices.


If u have 3.5mm adapter bundled with ur phone, then u can easily connect any 3.5mm earphones. If u don't have it then the best option for u will be to buy a adapter and any earphone of ur choice.
Creative ep630-650rs
soundmagic pl10-400rs
soundmagic pl11-550rs
soundmagic pl21-800rs
soundmagic pl30-950rs
sony in ear mdrex33lp-850rs
sony in ear mdrex35lp-850rs
if u buy these ones, then u will be able to use these with other devices. So better buy proprietory to 3.5mm adapter and a 3.5mm earphone.
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