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  1. T

    ati 5570 vs nvidia 620

    Both are within my budget and very similar. Kindly compare both wrt HD viewing and gaming. If possible mention fps results of various games with both of them.. Any advice is welcome. Thanks P.S. I will be using my 250W PSU. Kindly guide if that would work fine . P.S. Also guide if gt 620 is...
  2. A

    HD 5670 @x4 and 250W PSU

    got a deal for 5670 DDR5. It will be running @x4 on a 250W PSU, CPU-C2d e4400. Is it okay to run 5670 on these specs?? UPDATE:- Currently running 9400 GT
  3. jeffrain123

    E6300, E5200, 250w psu, lots of cables

    I'm selling a few items that i wont be needing E6300 - 2600 (SOLD) Seagate 320GB 7200.10 with warranty till May '12 - 1750 Creative EP430 (one day used with 1 yr warranty) - 650 (http://urimages.com/view.php?filename=51nbdxj8.jpg) AOpen 250W PSU - 220 2x 50cm sata cables - 30 each 2x floppy...
  4. assasin

    Hp 250w Psu

    guys today i got to lay my hands on a 250W HP original psu (2nd hand).the vendor's charging me 300 for it.its specs r: +12V --- 14A +5V --- 25A +3.3V --- 18A -12V --- 0.8A +5VSB --- 2A Peak 2.5A +5V & +3.3V ---- 165W max +5V & +12V ---- 218W max its running well in my...
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