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I have a panasonic NV-DS30EN but the software provided only allows me to make still shots out of the movie clip.I connect the cam to my pc by the provided data cable. The cam uses DV tapes for recording. Is it possible 2 convert the dv tapes to formats like mpeg and avi?



2 ways

1. *

2 - my preference - give it to good camera shop dudes
and they will do it for you just like converting VHS to DVD

u can ask em for anything...2 make it a video file for the pc, a vcd, dvd...maybe even VHS


yea if u got a tv tuner card, then u can put d composite yellow wire in the pc and record video thru that and connect the sound wire using a microphone wire

but if u record video and sound seperately, ull hafta synchronise em together then n daz a pain

if u dont hav a tv tuner, consider buying one they aint dat expensive around 2000ish i think


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No that is not the way. First of all u need a computer ( preferable a fast one), I guess u already have that.
Second, it (the motherboard) needs to have a firewire (IEEE 1394) port. If not, u can get a firewire addon card at about 400 bucks.
Third, get a firewire cable, (bundled with firewire card, if ur mobo has in-built firewire port, then get a cable from the market, Rs100)
Forth, connect ur comp with ur cam with the cable, and transfer the DV to ur HDD. WARNING: each minute of DV requires approx 350MB space, so get a fast and large HDD, I recommend 160GB SATA at least, (PATA will also do, if u dont have SATA). U will need to D/L a soft called "WinDV" to transfer the DV movie. its free, google it.
Get the panasonic codec and install it. If ur driver cd don't have it, google it and D/L.
Now u can watch ur DV movie but it will be hazy and unclear. Dont worry, its the interlaced version. U hve to deinterlace it to watch it on comp.
Download virtualdub ( ) and smart deinterlace filter from (*, load the DV movie, use the deinterlace filter and the resize filter (for DVD quality 720 X540 movie), and then convert it to DVD quality avi movie.
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