Don't Starve (Together)


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There's a faster walking mod, multiple stack size increase mods and a bunch of others. Check out the workshop.


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I searched, and didn't find any thread related to this awesome gem. Please merge of another thread already exists.

I managed to survive a max of 20 with Willow. How about you guys ?

Is this game any good???:thinking_NF:


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Yeah it's good. We played multi-player for a few days but eventually moved back to our old "staple" games. Dota, rocket league, etc.

But DST is quite fun with friends.


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the game seems interesting!

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i will see if i can manage to buy it.

and on the other hand, i have a huuuge backlog to deal with. :(


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[MENTION=148045]anirbandd[/MENTION] it's pretty fun with friends though. Me, [MENTION=171297]snap[/MENTION] and a few other days had epic fun one evening. Just need to play it more regular.

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see that's the thing.. i had bought Evolve because a few of us thought it was good for MP. we had a couple of sessions which I could not attend.

and now it lies forgotten. we mostly play BF4 and Insurgency.

i hate to buy something and then not utilising it. waste of money..


I would play if a good player like [MENTION=158584]DVJex[/MENTION] is leading us :D

Game is difficult if you only wanna play casually.


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Well you were causing issues that day too [MENTION=171297]snap[/MENTION] i.e not sharing resources etc. I became a ghost too :(
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