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Discussion in 'QnA (read only)' started by Sridhar_Rao, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Sridhar_Rao

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    I own a domain name, that is not hosted anywhere. I also own which is hosted and running. I have created a subdomain;

    I want the domain name www.mynewdomain to point to
    How is this possible? In the control panel, I can only make changes to the DNS, nothing else. Both the mynewdomain name and website hosting are purchased from the same company and he is NOT helping.
    What can be done now? Please reply only if you know you can solve it.
  2. montsa007

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    Well i wonder which company is it, surely not godaddy or namecheap.
    well sorting your issues, check in the control panel for "URL Forwarding" or maybe "url Masking", atleast this is what i see in godaddy, not sure about your provider.
    If you cant find it, here is another solution.
    Make a new notepad file & name it as index.php
    copy the following in it


    Where is the domain on which u wanna reach ultimately. ( in your case)
    Now open an account on some free hosting site (i prefer, no am not connected with them)
    point your nameservers of to the 110mb servers (mostly will be &, but please check it yourself, it'll be on the left side once u login into your account)
    ftp this index.php file into the root directory of your account, now after 48 hours go to and you'll get directed to

    P.S. - now you'll ask why wait 48 hours?
    look, when u change nameservers the effect doesnt reach on ur isp instantly, it takes 24-48 hours to propagate correctly, so just have paitence :)
    and yeah there is no charges for opening an account at 110mb :)
    Still confused?
    drop me a pm
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