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* Displaying MSN & YAHOO Messenger Status *

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Broken In
This Is a TUT on hot to display your online status of Yahoo And Msn Messenger in your web page or a forum.

Most of u might already know about it but its for those who donot know.

There Are also many ways of doing this and i am going to tell one of the ways.

Displaying Status Of MSN ----------- >

1) Open U r MSn messenger and sign in with u r desired account which u want to be displayed ..

2) Add this user to u r msn : msnbot23@bencastricum.nl
( Dont worry this is just a bot not a h@cker or anything :lol: )

3) Now Open a conversation with the contact you just added (msnbot9@bencastricum.nl) and type : !uid

You will get a reply as some code like this : 4b2e649e-1606-4f7c-8979-ed7b649ab168

Now If u want this to be displayed in u r web page or forum.
simply giv img src=

just replace u r code there.

( but remeber to add something like i am or my msn id is before this code)

here is what u get :
suryaprivet@hotmail.com is ---- >>>>

if u r gettin a error at step : 3 FOLLOW THIS

If you are getting an error "uid is not available, contact not on FL contact list" DELETE the bot you added and add a new bot. So if you added msnbot9@bencastricum.nl Change the 9 to a 11 *there are 11 bots* and repeate the last step.

This Service created by : bencastricum.nl
Now For Yahoo its ery very simple!

just add this
<a href="http://edit.yahoo.com/config/send_webmesg?.target=YOUR YAHOO! ID&.src=pg">
!!! Remeber Change " Your Y! id " with u r respective id.


Hope u like it! :D

-- Surya
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