Dish TV 301.Signal not found :S help plzzzzz

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From the past couple of days my DISHTV has been out with an “301 error - Signal not found”
I did try the basic things like reseting the box , removing the vc & inserting it back , checked the cable, the dish, everything seems to be in order.
what's wrong with it? how can I fix this?
plzz help..


In the zone
i have a tatasky, no dishtv so i may be wrong the naming of some things.

first check that is anything is breaking your signal from satellite
second did you tried manually to change the direction of dishtv's antennaes face
if yes call dishtv walle

if my advise didn't work call dish tv walle. :D

Naren Parker

Broken In
Hey dude...Is it rainin at ur place??? If so, it'll take some time if the rain is damn heavy...Tune ur STB (Channel Search)
Note down the no. of channels and no. of audio channels..
It should be 177 nd 21 respectively
If not then u need to align ur dish..Call ur dealer!! He'll send someone!
Are u gettin this problem in all the channels??? Then ur dish is improperly ailgned or ur STB needs servicin..Again..Contact ur dealer....

Also, reset the STB in settings and perform channel search after alignment
Hope this solves ur problem.. Feel free to ask if in doubt!


Hi Sourav and Naren Parker
thanks for reply..

nop not raining here.. weather is clean.
maine sab kuch check kiya.. sab kuch thik lag raha hai..

channel search bhi nahi ho rahi hai yaar..

installation failed .
verify if your set-top box is
properly connected to the dish.
then press ok retry

hmm.... yes problem in all the channels. dishtv ki main info channel bhi nahi rahi hai..
jab bhi dishtv on karta hoon.. 301.Signal not found :(

hey plzz tell me how to reset the STB ????


sourav said:
did u also checked the connection from disk to ur stb??

yes sab kuch check kiya..

i think ab mujhe dealer se contact karna padega.. phir dekhte hai..
thanks for replay friends
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