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  1. apurvgupta1

    Printing stuff causes lights to flicker

    Hey guys i have got Canon LBP2900B printer , when I print anything, that for minutes after the fact, the lights in my house continue to flicker. I tried using the power socket of other rooms as well but the result is same. What can be the problem. Should i call the Canon guys or is it normal?
  2. A

    Continuous flickering problem in 3d tv

    I have been using a Sony 3D TV for about 7 months now and frankly, it is only good for HD viewing. People in my family don’t have any major issues with it but the 3D experience I purchased it for isn’t being served. The constant flicker and discharging of 3D glasses means I have had enough of...
  3. R

    Crysis 2 on 3D TV?

    I like playing games on my Xbox. But when I switch on the 3D mode the images flicker all the time; also the refresh rate is slow. Any suggestions?
  4. P

    What makes flicker causes in 3d tv?

    I heard a lot about the 3d tv flicker, is it actually happen in 3D TVs only? If yes, then I would love to know the proper reason behind flickers, how it arrise and the solution as well…. A week before I was reading an article about the same concern on Wikipedia, but wasn’t understand the...
  5. sharma_atul85

    cursor flicker

    hello friends cursor of my mouse often flickers while surfing.can u suggest me a solution.
  6. go4saket

    Photo sharing site???

    Hi Guys! Can someone please suggest some good and reputed photo sharing site with good/unlimited amount of space. I know about Flicker and Picasa, but both have limitations in their free account. Flicker allows only 100MB per month and Picasa allows a total of 1GB. My pictures are of about 4-5...
  7. patkim

    Flicker on Monitor - Only if tapped

    I have an old 14” CRT Monitor, > 5 years. Now when I turn on the PC, any slight tapping around the table etc results into a short flicker on monitor. As such the flicker happens only if I tap the table or casing on the monitor..otherwise there’s no flicker as such. Also it stops after some...
  8. RCuber

    Nvidia S-Video Out

    Hey guys . I have a Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT based GFX Card. It came with a S-Video to Composite adapert. I connected this to my TV and checked and I am getting a slow flicker. My TV also has Component Video input used for DVD. But i cant find information regarding the s-video to component cable (...
  9. S

    disappearing red

    i have an LG studioworks 45V 14' monitor. recently i was watching the movie 'torque' when all of a sudden the colors seemed strange. on further examination, it was revealed that the red component had disappeared. wherever there ought to be red, i only get complete black. i tried changing...
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