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Dirext X 9.0c Buggy?

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Any news about DirectX 9.0c being buggy?
i have had some problems in an screen capture software lately..
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Any News?


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No reports about DirectX 9.0c being buggy (if anyone has, pl. share). But even in the remotest possibility, it is, what other option do you have? OpenGL has its own set of problems. The extensions on OpenGL can be a pain to implement (Only Mr. Carmack could do it properly :D ). DX 9 also has HLSL which helps developers for writing shaders. DX scores there. You have everything bundled under a single API.

Anyway, wait for sometime, MS is going to change the scene with WGF (Windows Graphics Foundation).



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directx 9 and directx9b were buggy...
directx 9c is fine... no bugs...

reinstall ur directx 9c... if u feeling some problem... it will update existing file and repair any problem...

you can get get latest directx9c at www.download.microsoft.com go for full download instead of web downloader.
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