Digiti-zed Linux Poll...

Should Linux now be Digital-ised?

  • NO!!! i luv WINDOWS!!! and i m also RICH 2 buy it...

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  • What the heck is Linux??

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svenkat83 said:
For a change I voted for a second option. :wink:
But I'm a Windows fan.And I don't think we need to be rich to run Windows as our OS.
Linux,Let it become more User friendly then I'll go for it.

Well if u don't wanna go into piracy Law then Windows is still expensive to buy in India.. pirated we can get windows in 50 bucks.. we all know that.. 8)

And Linux is now more user friendly with its Gnome and X interface.. its just the word "LINUX" makes ppl think.. OH MY GOD!!! i need to be an computer FREAK to run something called Linux.. and that is so untrue..

May I ask how did u learn Windows?? Perhaps by hit n trial i guess.. as we all do.. so even exploring Linux will make u familiar and it will be easy as the trend increases in India.. :D

Its not tough at all.. believe me...

btw the AD on TV is cool man.. infact all IBM ads are..


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dont u guys think that the popularity of linux decreases because of the command line interface.
even for small tasks, we need to type the commands in the terminal.
actually, does the layman need it? We could all use with a less command line and more graphical interface (Thats why i think people prefer windows more than linux)

but hey, there's no denying it - the future is indeed open.

but i dont understand why the ibm guys took a child who looks (a bit shockingly similar) like Eminem to portray linux. :?


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@ Sreevirus..
Well when you use command line then you do what you kno.. No mess and ofcourse when windows get crashed you have to goto command line to recover it..

What is the FuNDA-- >> command line is more powerful.

another ex. ? well in windows most of the time Norton gets corrupt and refuses to run script to scan then u can still use ur cammand line to do so..


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hey....till now it's 100% vote for GNU/LINUX... kool...

though this forum looks like ( overall ) pro-windoz....




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Hey ricky,
its not that i hate linux, i'm also trying to learn... atleast i'm doing so(i've installed RH Linux 9)I've tried to convince a lot of my friends to try
linux, but they are all saying that its much too hard to learn. mainly because of the command line. The bitter truth remains that everyone cannot be avid programmers.Not everyone can be tagged as geeks.
Many of the people just want to watch movies, surf the net, etc. In this scenario, windows wins because of the ease of use.

Yes, the command line is indeed powerful, but people just cant learn c and perl just like that. Even in windows when do we use the command line? When something critical happens. (as you said)

They just want an easily operatable and learnable OS... this is where linux fails to woo the people...Its much too complex.

Simple tasks like installing a software or configuring a modem can be done in just a few steps in windows (Next...Next...Next....Finish and viola! its done) Consider the same tasks in linux... u have to do a whole lot of mindboggling steps.

For a little improvement of linux as a desktop OS, i think that the command line should be used as a second option.

But personally, i somehow like linux better than windows.(its free in all aspects)
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