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Im going for subscription for digit....just wanna know that can i change my postal address during a subscription period coz theres possibility of my change in address within next 4-5 mnths....or where shud i contact for enquiry...any contact no.....plz lemme know....thanx



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sure u can change it, just make sure u inform them atleast 4 weeks in advance. :)


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chill! its damn easy
oi changed it just a week back. u just need to drop a mail to help@jasubhai.com from ur official email id which u mentioned in ur subscription form.

they ask for 4 weeks but it practaically works even if u inform them 10 days in advance of despatch.


just mail at help@jasubhai.com

and i tell u that the best customer service is of digit

once i changed my address for which i gave an email at 4th march and at 5th march i was replied that the change took place..hurray !

also sometimes when i got borken cd just a mail and in 5 days i got my another fine cd..hurray

so no problem to you

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well i've already informed them.

i received a letter from amarjeet saying that they will send da prizes around mid sept

i can't understand this. why r they sending it so late
or it happens to everyone?

also, i'm a faithful reader n a regular member of digit forum.

also i've renewed my subscrption. then they r doing such things.

or were they thinking that i may hav forgotten so that they don't have 2 send da gifts.
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