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DELL Monitor for TV, possible?


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i recently purchased a Dell ST2320L having a HDMI port, i plan to buy a Videocon HD set top box, will i be able to view the hd channels, moreover will it work fine as a television with no problems whereby i will be using the monitor for viewing tv most of the time. One more thing my monitor has a resolution of 1920x1080@60hz while most LED tvs have a resolution of 1920x1080@100hz will this affect the quality?
Please help guys !


I think there wont be any problem other than viewing angle.
Dont know about HD set top box but i watched my normal cable connection on Benq 2220HD using TV tuner card and it looked just fine.


Ok now compare it with TV..

No Remote
only one channel(No problem if you use Set top box.)
No inputs for any player(blu-ray,DVd)
No Sound (Most Important, you have to use Home theatre or other speakers if your set top box support)
60Hz vs 100Hz..you will only feel difference when watching Pure HD sports channel or Pure HD Action Movies(in Fight Sequences..)


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got a new videocon dth connection yesterday and its working like a charm, no inconvenience at all, HD channels are superb. Still thanks for replying guys :)
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