Dark Souls III


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What No ? I felt its the easiest.
You have lifegems that can heal you despite of how many estus flasks you carry. That IMO is a big advantage over other DSes
DS3's netcode for PVP is top notch but I feel DS2's PVP was great. It was much more varied than DS3. In DS3 everyone ran around with either a UGS type weapon and played defensively or used a dagger fast weapon to counter a UGS.
Very rarely I saw people using twin swords or spears or Curved swords.
DS2 was nothing like this, I myself loved the stone twinblade. A very off meta weapon, just because how it looked.
And the santier's spear ! Twinblade + Halberd + Spear in one weapon
No kick mechanic, awkward (stiff) turn angles, weird parry timing, weird backstab angle, too many mob enemies that you can't selectively aggro because they all aggro at once, upgrading weapons too expensive, etc.

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