1. Raaabo

    Exclusive: iPhone XI renders leaked to Digit

    Read the story here. Tell us what you think about this development.
  2. Alok

    Dark Souls III

    The unreleased, official art below displays an armored hero covered tattered cloth and flames, as well as the suggested launch frame of "Early 2016." This follows an earlier rumor that Dark Souls 3 would appear at E3, the video game industry trade show happening June 16-18, 2015, and later...
  3. RCuber

    Atrix 2 JB Query/Help

    Hey guys, I'm currently on official 4.0.4 (OTA). There is one "official" JB 4.1.2 leak and there are couple of other versions released. not sure about the procedure , as its quite different from Samsung ROM updates which I was used to. AFAIK I need to first unlock my bootloader, then find a...
  4. elton_1991

    Headphones under 2K

    Hi guys,I'm looking for a new pair of headphones which I'll be using on my Samsung wave(GT-S8500).I dont have any favorite music genre,so need something with a good balance between clarity and bass.I dont want the sound to leak in and out so ones with noise isolation cups would be good. If...
  5. C

    Earphones that don't leak sound

    I need to urgently buy good earphones...can anyone pls suggest good earphones/headphones below 1k that don't leak sound. Is it true that sony in-ear phones are the best choice?
  6. celldweller1591

    Ubuntu 10.04 Is Hit By Major X.Org Memory Leak

    Ubuntu 10.04 Is Hit By Major X.Org Memory Leak Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is set to be released next Thursday and a release candidate is poised to be released tomorrow, but there's some last minute problems within the Lucid Lynx camp. There's a last-minute X.Org Server update that's being looked at as...
  7. iMav

    ff and my ram

    well sometimes ff's ram consumption goes on increasing every second touches 100+ is this the memory leak problem and why havnt the guys rectified it if its the memory leak problem
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